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Consistency is key to success in any and all endeavors, including those that involve the most important hairs on one’s head… beard hairs. At Bossman, we’ve built our business around a process that sets up our bearded brethren for nothing short of complete and utter beard mastery. We call it the 4-Stage Beard Care Process. In this process, we clean & prep, repair & condition, nourish & enhance, and finally tame & protect. Below we’ll go in-depth on each stage, why they’re important, and what products you need. Time is of the essence, let’s get into it, Bosses!

Step One: Clean & Prep

You always prep a canvas before a paintbrush meets the paint and it’s no different with beards. Bossman’s Hair, Beard, and Body Soap is your one-stop-shop for preparation and cleanliness. Yes, we make it, but there isn’t a better soap on the market for dudes who are serious about their hygiene.

We’ve packed our soap with moisturizing oils like organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, and organic palm oil help to clean, nourish, and strengthen your hair, beard, and skin without stripping you of your beards natural oils.

Product: Bossman’s Beard Hair And Body Soap

Step Two: Repair & Condition

The groundwork for an elite beard has been laid by cleansing your beard of anything it might have picked up during a long day of work, but your morning routine has just begun. Much like a bodybuilder needs protein after a workout to repair muscle fibers, your beard needs a beard conditioner built for a boss to repair the hair.

Bossman’s Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner is the best of its kind with carefully chosen natural oils that moisturize the beard, facial hair follicles, and pores to stimulate beard growth and thickness.

Product: Bossman’s Fortify Insense Beard Conditioner

Step Three: Nourish & Enhance

Proper nutrition and training are nothing to an athlete without proper hydration and once again your beard is no different. Natural oils from Bossman’s Jelly Beard Oil moisturize hair follicles and pores to stimulate beard growth and thickness. This amplified hydration helps your beard perform at its peak, growing faster and thicker.

Most beard oils grant short-term shallow hydration, but the increased viscosity from jelly beard oil penetrates deep into the beard and hydrates the roots of the hair follicles lasting all day.

Product: Bossman’s Jelly Beard Oil

Step Four: Tame & Protect

As you prepare for the day ahead, the hard work you’ve put it deserves to be seen by those around you. Bossman’s Relaxing Beard Balm will help tame your beard during the rigors of the day while protecting it from the harsh conditions you may come in contact with. Skipping this step leaves your beard vulnerable to the forces that will try to leave it battered and frizzed.

The Mango, Shea Butter, and other nutritious oils in Bossman’s Relaxing Beard Balm helps nourish and strengthen your beard by trapping the moisture into the actual hair follicles and pores to promote growth all while helping to relax your beard. Yepp, no more flyaways.

You might need to wake up 30-minutes earlier to give your beard the attention it deserves with this 4-stage beard care morning routine, but the benefits are well worth it. Consistency and dedication will leave you with a voluptuous beard that the rest of the bearded world will admire… or get just plain jealous of. The only thing left to do is grab the Big Boss Facial Hair Care Package in your favorite scent below and start the journey to bearded glory.