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Anyone with a well-grown and groomed beard has made mistakes while grooming it along the way. It takes practice, research, and dedication to grow a beastly beard the world will admire and we're here to help on your quest for bearded glory. In this beard guide, we’ll go through 5 common beard mistakes we’ve seen time and time again, go through how to avoid them, and set you on your way.

1) Letting it Grow Without Shaping

If you think the path to growing a beastly beard is never to trim or shape it, you are sadly mistaken. Everything that grows, from gardens to beards, needs to be pruned to grow fuller and faster. Why? Just like the hair on your head, your beard hair can also have split ends. This causes your beard hair to become weaker over time, turning brittle and in the end, cracking down the middle. Cracks or fractures on the hair strand can travel down the root, causing permanent damage. By trimming your beard regularly, you’ll facilitate healthy hair strand growth and help your beard fill itself out more properly. The longer and healthier your beard hairs are, the more options you have when it comes to choosing a style.

Read more about growing a thicker and fuller beard here.

2) Shaving too High of a Neckline

We’ve all seen it, the poor guy whose beard unnaturally stops in a straight line right under his chin. Frankly, it looks weird because beards were never meant to stop there. We have gone into depth on this in another blog, How to Shape Your Beard, but here is the breakdown: It should never be more than two fingers above your Adam’s apple. Look slightly up and see how your chin creates a “U” shape from one ear to right above your Adam's apple and completes at the other ear. To locate the proper midpoint, place two fingers above your Adam’s apple and center with your face.

Adjust the guard and get to trimming everything below this imaginary line. Want it shorter? Start moving down from there. We suggest adjusting longer than you think to avoid trimming too short. It’s way easier to give your beard a shorter second or even third pass than it is to grow the whole thing back.

3) Not Cleaning it Enough or Improperly

Just like the hair on your head, your beard needs to be washed. We recommend 3 times a week to not dry it out but on the days you are not washing it, it still needs a good rinse. In fact, we recommend running water through it every morning and night before applying Beard Conditioner. We also see bosses using the same shampoo on their beards that they do for their heads. Feel the hair on your head and ask yourself if it feels the same as the hair on your face? The answer is likely, no. So why would you treat it the same way?

You should be using a wash built for your beard that won’t strip it or your face of the oils they both need to maintain that face mane. Our beard soap not only smells like a lumberjack cutting down a fresh pine, but it also won’t strip your beard of the oils it needs to stay healthy.

4) Applying Beard Oil to Only Your Beard

Here is a fun fact many bearded men do not know. Beard Oil benefits your face first, and beard second. Your face produces oil and as your beard grows the oil is drawn away from your face. By giving your face a little extra juice you can avoid beard dandruff and itch, which can cause hair follicles to be damaged. This is exactly the reason we developed Bossman Beard Oil Jelly. It is twice as thick as your standard beard oil which helps it penetrate deeper into the beard, get your face, and give you as much all-around beard hydration as possible.

5) Using the Wrong Brush

Brushing your beard can have a huge impact on the overall health of it. From helping distribute oil to just getting out the kinks, we could go on a rant about the benefits of brushing your beard. Oh wait, we have. Click here to read all about it and then come on back for more.

One of the biggest mistakes we see when it comes to brushing beards is using cheap plastic combs. Plastic combs not only have imperfections which over time can snag your hair causing them to fracture and break, but they also don’t help to distribute the oil properly. Boar hair bristles, such as beard brush with boar hair & nylon bristles are the best material for beard brushes because these bristles can preserve the oil that your face naturally makes and spread it throughout your facial hair with ease.

These bristles are simultaneously gentle and rigid, allowing them to break apart tangles without irritating your face or drying out your skin. However, boar hairs are a bit expensive, so many of the best brushes, like the Bossman Beard Brush with Boar Hair and Nylon Bristles, will also incorporate high-quality nylon bristles throughout the rest of the brush. This combination allows you to get a budget-friendly option with the benefits that boar hair bristles naturally provide as well.

Of course, the biggest mistake would be to chop it off altogether but we aren’t worried about that. After all, who REALLY wants a babyface when they can have a voluptuous beard that the rest of the world will admire… or get just plain jealous of. The only thing left to do now is grab the Big Boss Facial Hair Care Package and continue on your journey to bearded glory.