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The nights are getting shorter, but the beards are getting longer. As we catapult into the Fall beard season we want y’all Bosses to be prepared. Below we tossed together a few beard tips to set you up to be in the top 1% of bearded Bosses, ever.

#1 - Start Growing It Out Now

“The best time to start growing your beard out was yesterday. The second best time to start growing out your beard is now.”

- Anonymous Bearded Man

If you didn’t read our tips for Summer Beard Success Article, you might be behind in terms of post-summer beard growth. The good news is that there’s still time (unless you’re in Alaska) to hop on the beard train before growth screeches to a halt in the winter.

Quick note, this doesn’t mean you can’t keep your beard nicely kept with our new straight razor. Let it grow, but keep it lookin’ good, Boss.

#2 - Jelly It Up

The temperature is dropping, the flannels are coming out, and the elements are coming at your beard ready to shred it. It’s time to take action.

The Problem: With less moisture in the air during this time of year beards dry out quicker than during humid months.
The Solution: Snag some of the thickest, longest-lasting beard oil on the market and apply generously.

#3 - Have The Right Gear

We already mentioned the need for a bulk order of Beard Jelly and a tool to keep that chin fluff trimmed up nicely, but what else is of dire importance?

  • Pomade: What’s the point of having a badass beard if you don’t style it even bad-assier. Pomade provides more weight, hold, and control. Take control today with pomade.
  • Comb: Combs can be used in styling, jellying, and more. They’re a must-have for your beard arsenal. Snag one now.
  • Brush: A good brush will help you work jelly/oil deep into your beard and keep it properly moisturized. Highly recommend this one.

#4 - Keep It Styled

Using your new Bossman Beard Pomade that you inevitably snagged after reading tip #3, you’ve gotta style that neck blanket. Whether you’re working with two inches or six, there’s a style for you out there somewhere.

Bonus Video: How To Use Our Bossman Beard Pomade

#5 - Dress For Success

We’ll keep this one simple since everyone has their own style. A great beard can make a bad outfit look decent, but that ain’t the goal, Sport. You work hard to grow it out, you work hard to style it up, you keep it jelly’d… so dress the part.

Going to chop some wood? Bust out the flannel.
Going to a client dinner? Bust out the suit.
Watching The Notebook by yourself? Throw them PJs on.

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