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The summer months provide opportunities and challenges to everyone, with some of us getting harsher summers than others. In addition, for the bearded bosses of the world, summer can come with some discomfort and a need for more attention given to that masterpiece pouring off of your chin like a waterfall of manhood.

To make these summer months not only manageable but enjoyable for our bearded community, we put together some tips below that we’ve learned from years of bearded experience.

1 - Consider A Trim

Razors can be a terrifying object for those of us that consider our beards an extension of ourselves and an integral part of our personal brand, but trimmers aren’t anything to be afraid of. In addition to the beard-growing benefits of the occasional trim, a trim can be a good move during the summer months to help alleviate some of the heat that will inevitably get locked in that beard. This is especially important for those of you who follow our four-stage beard care process and have one of the thickest, fullest beards known to mankind. Grab your trimmer with a generous guard on it or head down to your local barber for a trim this summer… but don’t shave it off, boss.

2 - Hydrate More Often

This tip goes two ways... beard hydration and plain ol’ human hydration as well. Hydration tends to get overlooked in terms of general health and beard growth benefits. Maintaining proper hydration during the summer can be difficult, but when it comes to hydration and beard hair hydration the same tip can be used for both. Make sure to keep water and the scented beard oil on you as often as you can. The goal is to set yourself up for success when you’re outside, on a boat, in a park, or even at a bar. If you have the right tools for hydration success on you, you’re in a better spot than if you don’t.

3 - Suck It Up

If you’re a true boss, this one shouldn’t even really be necessary. The fact of the matter is that beards can and will be annoying at times in the summer. The weather is hotter and your face is going to trap in a lot of that heat if you have a thick beard. The bottom line here is that you just need to suck it up and power through. The winter months are right around the corner and you don’t want to be in the awkward stage in November because you bailed on the bearded life at the beginning of August. Put on your big boy pants, weigh the pros and cons, and stay bearded.

4 - Keep It Chill

As we’ve mentioned a few times so far, having a beard is hot, pun intended, and even hotter in the summer. A great way to combat the heat is to keep a cool rag on you along with some ice water and douse that beard from time to time. Your beard will retain that ice water for a good bit and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to rock and roll for the next 30 before rinsing and repeating.

5 - Stay Scented

Having some Bossman beard products on you will not only keep your beard hydrated and healthy during these drier months, but it will also keep it smelling fresh. You’ll be sweating a bit more when you’re out at night or on the lake during the day so having some of our Jelly Beard Oil on you will keep your beard smelling, and looking, great all day long.

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There ya have it, Bosses. Five tips to help you combat the heat and keep that hair on your cheeks this summer. Be safe, have fun, and stay bearded this summer.

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