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From duels to the death to the heaviest weight lifted by a beard, we dug up some of the wildest beard facts known to man. Proceed with caution, Bosses. These beard facts might blow your beard off.

#1 - The Heaviest Weight Lifted by a Human’s Beard

Give your beard a slight tug… chances are that tug was between one and five pounds of pressure. With that in mind, consider now that the world record for the heaviest weight lifted by a human’s beard is 63.80 KG (140.7 lbs).

Challenge: Next time you’re at the gym, load a barbell up with roughly 140lbs and pick it up. Antanas Kontrimas lifted that with his beard. His. beard.

#2 - The World’s Longest Beard

Sticking with the theme of longest and heaviest, Hans N. Langseth holds the record for the longest beard measuring at 5.33m (17ft 6in) at the time of his death.

To put that into perspective, a regulation basketball hoop stands at 10ft tall. Stack two of those bad boys on top of each other and you’re barely longer than Langseth’s beard. Langseth was a Boss.

#3 - Beards Were Taken Very Seriously in the Middle Ages

During the middle ages if you touched another man’s beard it was grounds for a duel. Duels were brought about to reduce violence and sort out indifferences… with swords.

Although it might seem counterintuitive to us now, it made sense to our middle age ancestors. Today, you can touch a beard without expecting someone to draw a sword. Be warned, however, a poorly timed beard touch could leave you with a black eye or two.

#4 - The Longest Beard On A Woman

Vivian Wheeler’s 25.5cm (10.04in) beard holds the record for the longest beard on a woman.

Vivian’s father taught her to shave when she was younger in order to fend off insults from peers, but eventually, Vivian said she’d had enough. She let her beard grow, ended up with a world record, and toured with an Illinois-based curiosity show.

#5 - The World's Longest Mustache

The record for World’s Longest Mustache is held by Ram Singh Chauhan at a whopping 14ft long. How’d he do it? Well along with ridiculous mustache genetics, he claims to have not trimmed his mustache in over 32-years.

Somebody get him some MUDstache.

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