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If you’ve got a beard on your face right now it should come as no surprise that there are a plethora of benefits that come with having a beard. We’ve both seen and heard of these benefits first hand and decided it was only right to break down a few of our favorites. From basic survival to an influx of attention from women, beards are a necessary asset needed to thrive as a man in society. Below we’ll dive into seven life upgrades that come with having a well-groomed face blanket.

1 - Face Warmth

During the colder months of the year, having a thick and well-grown beard can absolutely aid in shielding you from whipping winds and sub-freezing temperatures. You could be living in an igloo in the arctic or on a boat fishing in frigid waters, but there’s no doubt that a blanket for the face can make you feel like you’re on the beach sipping on an ice-cold beer.

2 - Increased Attention From Women

As detailed in our article “Do Women Prefer Bearded Men?” having a beard does indeed help with attention from the opposite sex. In the article, which we highly recommend reading, men with stubble took the win for attractiveness with fully bearded men winning in the categories pertaining to dominance and social maturity. The moral of the story is that even having just a bit of stubble is better than being clean-shaven.

3 - Added Styling Options

Head hair is fun and all, but when you toss a beard into the mix you double your options when it comes to styling. Connecting a well-done fade to a perfectly tapered beard is an art. An art that will undoubtedly garner the attention of women and envy from other bearded bosses as well.

4 - More Aggressive Jawline

With a properly trimmed beard, you upgrade your jawline big time. Next time you head in for a trim, and we mean trim… not a shave, ask your barber to help make your jawline pop and you’ll be walking around looking like a chiseled ancient greek statue.

5 - Scents

You’ve got soaps, colognes, lotions, and more already at your disposal to take your scent profile from zero to hero. Add in a beard with oils, pomades, balms, and you’re on your way to becoming a scent superhero. At Bossman, you can select from scents like Stagecoach, Royal Oud, and more to find exactly what fits your brand.

6 - Access To An Elite Brotherhood

When you make the decision to be a boss, you gain access to one of the best groups on Facebook. The Bossman Brotherhood is a community of bearded bosses sharing tips, tricks, and some of the best beard content the internet has to offer all in one place. If you’ve got a beard… get on in there.

7 - Better Personal Brand

Your personal brand needs to be protected and elevated when the time is right. A good beard can take you to another level of human... a level impossible to achieve without a beard… the level of a boss. Start taking your facial hair seriously and get ready to join the ranks of the elite. The ranks of a boss.
We’re hoping you either have a beard right now, just read through this list, and have now decided to grow one out, or you’re looking for a few reasons to convince your significant other to grow one out. Regardless of which category you fall into, we’ve got something for you on one of the best beard websites in the universe,

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