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Hair growth is a tedious and meticulous process. Without the right guidance and information surrounding routines and products to use, detrimental mistakes can be made during the beard growth and maintenance processes. At Bossman, we have a four-stage beard care process that sets you up with both the right routine and process to grow the best beard possible. In this article, however, we’ll go through some of the mistakes that many bearded men make on a daily basis that can set you back big time, in your quest for beard mastery.

Not Using A Soap Made For Beards

We’ve talked about this issue in-depth, but we’ll give you the “too long didn’t read” version of the damage that using hair soap on your beard can have. Normal shampoos and soaps contain harsh chemicals that will strip your beard of it’s natural and necessary oils causing damaged beard hair and a whole slew of other issues. Instead, use a soap designed for beards and by people with beards like our Bossman beard, hair, body soap.

Bonus: The scent and exfoliating features of our soap are unmatched.

Washing Your Beard Too Much

Now that we understand what soaps should and shouldn’t be used on beards, it is important to also understand how often beards should be washed. Some of us grew up thinking we needed to wash our hair with soap and water every day to ensure our hair’s health and cleanliness, however, that’s not that case. You CAN wash your beard every day but don’t exceed that and make sure you’re using a soap made specifically for beards.

Shaving It Off

No way were we going to leave this one out. There’s nothing more damaging to you beard than hacking the entire thing off. We’ll leave it at that.

Not Hydrating Enough

Proper hydration with water is key for your overall health and while we do recommend staying as hydrated as possible, we’re talking about a different kind of hydration here. Beard hydration is an often overlooked aspect of the beard-growing process and can make or break your beard. Using beard products that won’t strip your beard of its natural oils is a great start, but using beard oil or our jelly beard oil often and regularly is a necessity. We recommend using beard oil throughout the day as well as when you wake up and before you go to sleep. Proper beard hydration will fend against many beard related struggles like beard itch, beard ruff, split ends, and more. Drink up, bosses!

Washing It Too Much

We’re raised with the phrase “lather, rinse, repeat” jammed into our heads when it comes to shampooing our hair, but that actually isn’t best practice. We produce natural oils that are essential when it comes to our hair’s health and hydration. Washing your beard too often - and especially without a beard specific soap - can lead to a dry, oil stripped beard. Wash your beard 2-3 times a week depending on the amount of grime your lifestyle builds up and substitute a rinse with water for a soap wash when your beard is feeling a bit grungy.

Not Washing It Enough

We’ve seen bosses strip all of the essential natural oils from their beards with too much washing, but we’ve also seen the opposite. A dirty beard with Cheeto dust, dirt, grime, and other things you might pick up from a long day at the job is not a good look. Pick a soap that’s made for beards, give your beard a deep wash 2-3 times a week, and keep that beard smelling nice for those close encounters.

Skipping Stage 4

Stage 4 in Bossman’s 4 stage beard care process is the “tame and protect” phase. In this stage, you’ll take your favorite styling and protecting product (we recommend either Bossman’s Beard Pomade or Bossman’s Relaxing Beard Balm) and prepare your beard to withstand the rigors of the day while holding all of those pesky stray hairs in place. Read more about all four of the stages here.

Neglecting The Neck

A lot of time is spent styling, shaping, and moisturizing beards but there’s one other aspect of the beard that cannot be overlooked, the neckline. We talked about how to keep your neckline looking great in this article, but we’ll give you the spark notes version here. The universal rule for trimming your neckline is to create a “U” shaped neckline, start with a higher guard, and then trim lower from there. You can always trim higher towards the chin or closer to the skin, but you can’t do the opposite.

Being bearded comes with a whole list of positives, but along with it comes an elevated responsibility to take care of your newfound chin masterpiece. By keeping these often made beard mistakes in mind as you go about your daily routine you’ll be setting yourself up well as you begin or continue your bearded journey. We’ll leave you with three quick tips… follow a strict beard care routine, get beard specific products, and don’t shave off your beard.