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Beards have been around since the beginning of mankind and with that kind of history, you’d have to imagine there are some myths that deserve to be busted. Here, we'll take a look at eight of our favorite beard-related myths.

#1 - If I Don’t Have A Beard In My 20s I’ll Never Be Able To Grow One

For some men, this might be the case and it’s important to understand that beard genetics vary greatly. However, for most men, beard growth is a continually progressing journey that could continue well beyond your 20s or even your 30s and 40s. The best things you can do are to keep eating healthy, exercising regularly, and following the 4-stage beard care process.

#2 - Beard Itch Is Unavoidable

Beard itch is a problem that most bearded men have experienced at some point or another in their beard growth journey. One thing to note, however, is that this issue can be managed with proper beard care, hydration, and cleanliness. Bossman’s Jelly Beard Oil was specifically designed to help trap moisture in your beard and leave it hydrated for longer than any other beard oil on the market. The increased viscosity gives you a long-lasting scent, long-lasting hydration, and an itch-free beard.

#3 - I Can Wash My Beard With Regular Shampoo

For some reason, it seems bearded men often believe using a three-in-one or a regular hair shampoo on their beard will work the same as a shampoo made specifically for beards… this is not the case. Normal hair shampoos use foaming agents and other harsh ingredients that will strip your beard of its natural oils. Without your natural beard oils, your hair and the skin below it will dry out and can lead to all sorts of beard-related issues. We highly recommend grabbing a soap like our Bossman Exfoliating Beard Soap for all of your beard washing needs.

#4 - Beards Are Ugly

Wait, no one really says that… and if they do, yikes.

#5 - You Don’t Need To Trim Your Beard

False - to ensure your beard can grow to its fullest capabilities it’s important you give it the occasional trim. Split ends don’t only apply to long lady hairs but they apply to bearded men as well. Without trimming the ends periodically you could inhibit the growth potential of your beard. Keep it healthy, keep it hydrated, and keep it bearded, Bosses.

#6 - Shaving Makes Your Beard Grow Thicker

If you’re over the age of 10 and have ever tried to grow a beard, you’ve heard this one before. Contrary to popular belief and something we talk about often on Bossman, the best way to grow a thicker, fuller beard is to just let it grow. While massaging your face will increase blood flow to the area, we’d much rather you give your face a deep tissue massage than bust out the razor.

#7 - Beards Aren’t Pubic Hairs

This one might not be considered a myth, but it’s a fact that most of us likely don’t know about. The fact is though that any hair growing in a place it didn't before puberty is pubic hair. With that being said, if you didn’t grow a beard when you were 8-years-old… you know the rest.

#8 - You’ll Get Fired If You Grow Out A Beard

Some organizations and industries have tighter regulations on what facial hair you can and cannot have, but you’d be surprised at what might happen if you ask your supervisor or boss about growing out a beard. More often than not, the corporate bosses of the world tend to assume they would be scoffed at for wanting to grow out a beard without even asking.

A few different scenarios you could run into could be a straight-up answer, the need for your supervisor to ask their supervisor, a “why didn’t you ever ask?”, or more often than not you’ll be told that your beard just needs to be well tamed if you decide to grow one out.

Hopefully, you enjoyed debunking some of the myths floating around about beards and can take a point or two with you to your next first date or family gathering. One thing that we know for certain, however, is that a neglecting beard doesn’t go unnoticed. Grab some of the best beard products on the market here and keep your eye out for “Beard Myths, Busted” Part Two.