Why Bearded Men Are More Attractive

Let's face it. There's something so hunky about a husky man with a full beard. Let's take a look at why bearded men are more attractive.

Bearded men are everywhere and it's easy to understand why. According to a recent survey, the majority of American men feel more confident with facial hair. Yet as well as confidence, facial hair can turn a man from plain to handsome. 

In this guide, we're going to take a look at why a well-maintained beard can make a man that much more attractive to both women and men. If you're looking for a way to accentuate your looks, a beard might just be it, so let's take a look at why!

1. Beards Make You More Confident

As that survey points out, facial hair will likely make you feel more confident in yourself. Beards are an ancient sign of strength, virility, and other positive traits, which can help boost your self-esteem when you look at your freshly-bearded face in the mirror.

Confidence is incredibly important to attraction. It's something that everyone looks for in a partner and it allows you to be yourself a little more easily. If you feel confident, you're going to let the real you shine through in all its glory.

2. Beards Accentuate Your Face

Beards can accentuate the very best features of your face. For instance, due to their position on the face, a beard can accentuate your jawline, giving you one worthy of a movie star. A strong jawline is correlated with a higher level of testosterone, which women are pre-programmed to find attractive.

Beards can also help cover a weaker chin, acne scars, or other issues that may make you feel less attractive. This feeds back into self-confidence, which, as we mentioned, is very important to attraction.

3. A Beard Shows You Take Care of Yourself

A great beard isn't easy to grow. If you want to make your beard look its best, you need to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water, which will also make you healthier in general. 

Regular beard maintenance is also vital for a good-looking beard. If you don't trim your beard, it'll end up looking shaggy and unhygienic. 

The amount of beard care and general healthy living that contributes to a good beard means that your beard shows you care about your health and take care of yourself, two traits that are universally attractive.

4. Beards Are a Simple of Masculinity

If you consider yourself a masculine man, you need a beard. Beards have been prized for millennia as signs of masculinity, and you can exploit this loophole for your own benefit if you grow a beard.

Many women find masculine traits very attractive, so growing a beard is a no-brainer if you're looking to attract a partner.

5. Beards areTestament of Patience and Commitment

A well-groomed beard isn't grown overnight. It demands patience, commitment, and consistency - attributes often associated with maturity and responsibility. Growing and maintaining a beard showcases these virtues, making bearded men attractive to those seeking a partner capable of committing and taking responsibility.

6. Beards Can Be a Symbol of Wisdom and Knowledge

Beards have been historically linked with wisdom and knowledge. The archetype of the wise old man with a flowing beard spans cultures, permeating our collective unconscious. Men with beards often evoke this symbolic association, rendering them more appealing to those seeking an intellectual, worldly partner.

7. Beards Highlight Masculine Features

Beards accentuate a man's jawline and cheekbones, hallmarks of classic masculine beauty. They can transform the face, making it appear stronger and more chiseled. Thus, for many, beards enhance a man's attractiveness by amplifying these features.

8. Beards Show Your Unique Personal Identity

A beard grants men the opportunity to express their unique personal style and identity. It could be rugged, polished, innovative, or a creative mix. This diversity often draws people who appreciate a strong, personal style, thus adding to the beard's allure.

9. Beards Can Have Health Benefits

Beards have been known to provide certain health benefits like protecting the skin from UV rays, reducing the chance of bacterial infection, and even assisting those with asthma by filtering out dust and pollen. These health benefits can subconsciously add to the attractiveness of bearded men.


Subconscious Biological Cues

From an evolutionary perspective, beards can indicate good health and strong genetics, as they are directly tied to hormonal health in men. This could trigger subconscious biological cues related to mate selection, leading to a perceived increase in attractiveness.

Depiction in Media and Culture

The influence of media and culture cannot be ignored. Bearded men have been portrayed as protagonists, heartthrobs, and influencers, shaping public perception and associating beards with charisma, strength, and attractiveness.

Sense of Security

Beards, being a sign of maturity and masculinity, can evoke a sense of security. The perception of a bearded man being protective can often be appealing, increasing their attractiveness.

Contrast and Rarity

In an era where clean-shaven faces are common, beards stand out. They offer a sense of distinctiveness and individuality, making bearded men captivating and intriguing.

Changing Fashion Trends

Fashion is an ever-evolving entity. The trend of beards has gained momentum over the past few years, leading to a shift in societal beauty standards. This shift has influenced the public perception of beards, with more people finding them attractive.


Bearded Men Are Simply Better

If you're wondering whether to grow a beard, we say go for it! Take care of your health, use top-quality grooming products, and become an icon of masculine style. 

Bearded men are simply better, so join us. If you've got any questions about beard care or our products, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Start your beard journey today.


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