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Whether you have a short beard or a long beard, tangles happen. When they do, knowing which brush or comb to use is key. Not only does using the right tool prevent split ends (yes, your beard is just like the hair on your head), which could lead to beard growth problems, but also, choosing the wrong tool could lead to more pain.

So, let’s break it down...

  1. Right out of the shower you should use a comb. When your hair is soaking wet, it is weaker, more fragile, and susceptible to breakage. A wide-tooth comb like the Bossman Comb is perfect. Work from the ends up to help prevent breakage.
  2. Got a tangle? Again, use a comb. If you are not styling or trying to work something through your beard, a comb is always the way to go. Constant traction from brushing can pull hair out, while sharp points are capable of removing the top layer of scalp skin. However, while combs are in general gentler and better for your hair than brushes, they will not give you as much control, which brings us to our next point….
  3. For regular maintenance, use a boar head bristle brush. These bristles are simultaneously gentle and rigid, allowing them to break apart small tangles without irritating your face or drying out your skin. These bristles also help to distribute the oil from your face to the rest of your beard. This is crucial to maintaining a good looking face mane. Read more about the benefits of brushing your beard here.

All in all, brushing your beard is a good practice that any man with a beard should already be following. Knowing which type of brush or comb is crucial if you want to make sure your beard is taken care of the right way.

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