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Don’t leave your room without making your bed, don’t leave the house without brushing your teeth, and DEFINITELY don’t head off to work without following our beard care morning routine. The simple steps that follow will set you up to look your absolute best when you head out to work and keep your beard healthy for the day to come.

Comb Or Brush It Out

Beards are in the middle of the action all day every day. They’re right next to your mouth when you’re eating, drinking, talking, and breathing. Knots and tangles are going to happen but if you have the right comb or brush handy, you can combat a mess of a beard with ease. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top slowly. Once you are able to comb all the way through with ease, make sure you give it a few brushes to distribute the oils throughout your full beard.

Prescription: Comb or brush your beard often and regularly throughout the day. Get rid of those tangles and keep your beard looking as full as possible.

Rinse & Prep

We know that our incredible smelling Bossman’s Beard Hair And Body Soap can be tempting to pick up and use on your beard seven days a week, but we want you to pick a time of day to use it. Washing your beard too many times, even with a soap made specifically for beard, can strip it of its natural oils. So, we suggest washing your beard 3x a week preferably at night.

Prescription: Run water through your beard every morning to get some of the product out from your nightly routine. Save the soap for your night routine.

Repair & Condition

Now that all of the gunk and grime is removed from the night before, your beard hairs could use some TLC. Bossman’s Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner will repair and condition your beard back to full strength and get it ready to take on the day.

Prescription: Use beard conditioner two to three times per week to keep your beard feeling soft and looking healthy.

Nourish & Enhance

Your beard needs to stay hydrated to feel and look its absolute best. Without water, our bodies can’t function properly and we’ll eventually break down from thirst. Our beards are no different when it comes to hydration. Use Bossman’s Jelly Beard Oil like you would water for your normal hydration and apply it as much or as little as necessary.

Prescription: Use jelly beard oil or beard oil as much or as little as your beard requires to maintain proper hydration throughout the day. Longer beards could need a few applications during the day, while shorter beards could just need one application in the morning and one application at night.

Style & Protect

It’s the final stage in the beard care morning routine and you’re ready to embark on your day. Products like Bossman’s Relaxing Beard Balm or Beard Pomade are great options to keep your beard in check, tame the flyaways, and protect hairs from the rigors of the day. Apply and re-apply throughout the day as necessary, then ensure you wash out at night with water or with Bossman’s Beard Hair And Body Soap.

Prescription: Apply, style, and restyle throughout the day as needed to keep you looking, and your beard feeling, your absolute best.

Great morning routines have been known to produce some of the most iconic figures we’ve ever seen. Similarly, great morning (and night) beard routines are key to producing a beard worthy of sitting in the bearded bosses hall of fame or posted in the Bossman Brotherhood. Stick to it, stay consistent, and while trimming is okay and sometimes recommended… don’t ever shave.