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There are plenty of positives that come with having a full and well-kept beard. In contrast, there’s a reason you don’t see thousands of men walking around with huge luscious beards - it’s tough.

At Bossman, we’re not here to tell you it’s easy… we’re here to help make it easier. Below we’ll walk you through some of the growing pains associated with start-to-finish beard growth and toss in some tips along the way.

The Awkward Stage

If you’ve ever grown out your hair, this one should hit home.

There’s going to be a stage of beard growth where you look like you’ve given up all hope of looking put together. It might be coming in thicker in some parts and thinner in others, but stay the course.

Telling yourself “it will get better” not enough for you?

BOSS TIP: Put extra effort into your wardrobe throughout the Awkward Stage to help take your mind off of your beard that’s well… not quite there yet.

Adjusting The Routine

The days of rolling out of bed into a 4-minute shower are over. If you’re looking to grow out your beard (and we’d assume that’d be you since you’re reading this) then the routine is going to have to get switched up a bit.

- You’ll have to add in some Bossman Beard Hair and Body Soap to the shower routine.
- We’ll need Bossman Jelly Beard Oil applied generously and regularly.
- Bossman’s Pomade will be key as you get into the later stages of beard growth in making sure you don’t have any flyaways throughout the day.

BOSS TIP: Really work that soap into your beard with Bossman’s Shower Brush.

Beardruff and Beard Itch

The constant scratchiness and itchiness of your beard will get on your nerves… if you don’t take care of it properly. Other people might tell you that this is just a part of growing out your beard and that you need to “suck it up” but that’s not the case.

Bossman’s Jelly Beard Oil is specifically formulated to hydrate your beard all the way down to the pores. This advanced hydration fight itchiness, dry skin, and beardruff. Pick some up if you’re headed into the good fight.


Razors, clippers, scissors… they’re everywhere. During the middle stages of beard growth, there will be times where you’re tempted to give in. Stay strong, Boss. We got you.

Scenario 1: You’re running behind on the way to work but you’ve still gotta get that beard lookin’ nice. Luckily, Bossman has Pomade that’ll hold your hard work in place all day long.

Scenario 2: You’ve had enough of this beard itch and just want to hack off that beard like you’re walking through the Amazon with a machete. Use Bossman’s Jelly Beard Oil and fight back. We’re not letting you grow at this alone, Boss.


You might have dreamt of it before, but we’re going to go ahead and bring you back down to reality…your beard is likely not going to grow perfectly even. Patchiness is a part of beard growth for most people and there are plenty of ways to work through it.

Use a Beard Growth Supplement: A beard growth supplement is only going to help you grow a thicker, fuller, and better beard. Try Rooster Booster Beard Supplement to help get rid of those annoying empty patches.

Change up the style: You might not be quite ready to do the full beard yet, but lucky for you there are a ton of different styles you could rock that might not involve your patchy spots miraculously filling in. Stay within your limits, Boss.

The bottom line is, growing a beard isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There’ll be days when you want to quit. You might even find yourself picking up the clippers, looking over at the razor, or having to slap yourself in the beard to snap back into it. Don’t give in to the temptation and bookmark this article for when you’re feeling shaky. Good luck, Boss.

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