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The Bossman Brotherhood is a Facebook group full of bearded bosses who exchange tips, motivation, enjoy early product releases, and crowdsource some of the best beard content on the internet. We posted in the Bossman Brotherhood group to hear your bearded success stories and you guys certainly didn’t disappoint. From overcoming mountainous trials, to finally committing to the bearded way of life, the stories below do a great job embodying why we started Bossman Brands in the first place. Without further adieu, enjoy these beard stories straight from the Bossman Brotherhood.

*stories were minorly edited to fit this format*

Brian Murray

“My beard may not have helped save a puppy from a burning building but it did save my life. I was diagnosed with PTSD after 12 years of professional firefighting and was put off work. That’s when the beard part comes in, because of rules and regs I was never allowed to grow facial hair. But because of how shitty I felt and was put off work, I let my facial hair grow. Well of course I started to experience beard itch and whatnot, mind you I didn’t care at the time. But it got to the point where a friend of mine told me about beard oil. This is the start of where my beard saved me. I started using beard oil as a way of self-care which I hadn’t been doing. It was a first step that led me to take care of my beard daily, then turned into a full-time thing which then trickled down to me taking better care of myself as a whole. The scents hit me a certain way and made me feel better in a way, I love all the different scents out there. That all started in 2017, now I take care of my beard and myself. Also, I’m thankful for the bearded community and how supportive people are. I don’t want any pity, just to share my story, because growing a beard did, in fact, save my life, Cheers.”

Andrew Jared

“So I have grown my beard out 3 different times in my life I have always sported a goatee then a beard during my bearded journey. I have learned a lot of patience along with that I learned more leather working that has or needs a lot of patience in its own. I have met some great bearded brothers and have helped some in the same! My boss told me he envied my beard because he can't grow one and wanted to see me grow it out and put Viking beads in it lol also asked how long I wanted it to be I asked how long can it be which there are no rules for that in my warehouse so I told him I wanted a ZZ Top beard or a wizard beard long and full of gray! About 3 days later I shaved it all off and the boss thought I was a new person lmao I have hit a yr in my beard growth. And thin on a side due to a bald spot that was not there last time but will not stop my journey! Due to great people in this group and Stephen himself, I feel like a true brother and wanted at the same time. I have always wanted to be a part of something big, military all branches would not take me so this is my something big and it's all due to my bearded journey. Thanks to Bossman and the great brothers in here this is my beard story! Which is not saving my life or puppies but finally reaching a goal in my life and finding my place!”

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