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Beard Tips: Summer Edition

It’s that time of year, bosses. Summer is here and the heat is creeping up to your doorstep WAITING to destroy your beard. Don’t worry. We’re not gonna leave the bosses of the world hanging out to dry. So without further ado, here are your summer beard season tips for survival.

1. Keep It Clean

We’re not your mom and we’re not your dad, but we ARE your beard guardians so wash ya damn beards bosses... just not too much! We recommend washing your face carpet 1 - 2x per week to keep it in its prime and shining like a diamond in the sun. Now that we’ve convinced you that general hygiene is important, snag some of the best beard cleaning product the world has ever seen. (Really. We have won awards and stuff.)

Bonus Tip: If you’re an active boss, rinsing your beard with water after a workout or long day will suffice. No need for a beard bubble bath.

2. Consider A Trim

Okay. Okay. Don’t freak out just because you saw the word “trim” on a beard tip article. We would never, and I repeat NEVER, recommend completely shaving off that sweet lawn you’ve worked so hard on. Sometimes, however, you might need to seasonally bust out the weed whacker or lawnmower and clean it up. We’re going to go ahead and leave it up to you, bosses. Next tip.

Bonus Tip: Beards actually grow faster in warmer weather so, go sit by the pool, kick your feet up, and dream of what it will be like when winter is upon us. Maybe now is the perfect time to boost your beard growth with Rooster Booster Beard Supplement. You know what they say… double trouble, double the fun.

3. Keep Yourself Hydrated

You don’t have to be a gallon jug guy, but a healthy beard is nothing without a healthy beard owner and water is a big old piece of the health pie. Keep yourself overly hydrated this summer and ensure your beard/body have the right supplies to fight the fight against not having a beard. Proper hydration helps keep your body firing on all cylinders and promotes beard longevity, beard length, and general beard power. Be powerful. Be hydrated. Be a boss.
We’re gonna keep this one short and sweet. In our incredibly biased opinion, if you’re gonna follow one of these tips #4 is the one. Washing your beard is important, but arguably even higher up on that list of care would be keeping it “jelly’d” consistently with the only beard jelly on the market.

5. Update Ya Smell

New-season. New you. New smell. Leave pumpkin spice latte for the fall, peppermint mocha for the winter, and bust out a brand new smell this summer season. Lucky for you bosses we’ve got a plethora of scents to choose from here.

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Be a Boss This Summer.

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