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Men with longer beards often get tangles or curls in their facial hair that need buffing out. What you might not know, however, is that brushing your beard actually comes with several benefits beyond just removing kinks or tangles. In this article, we break down all the benefits of brushing your beard, but first - what type of brush should you use?

Bristle Type Matters

The type of bristle you use matters a lot more than you might think. While any brush is better than no brush at all, the best beard brushes use boar hairs. Boar hair bristles are the best material for beard brushes because these bristles can preserve the oil that your face naturally makes and spread it throughout your facial hair with ease.

These bristles are simultaneously gentle and rigid, allowing them to break apart tangles without irritating your face or drying out your skin. However, boar hairs are a bit expensive, so many of the best brushes, like the Bossman Beard Brush with Boar Hair and Nylon Bristles, will also incorporate high-quality nylon bristles throughout the rest of the brush. This combination allows you to get a budget-friendly option with most of the benefits that boar hair bristles naturally provide.

The key is to get something high-quality rather than a cheap brush that will break your hair strands more than they help you.
Now that you have the right brush, let’s talk about the benefits of brushing.

Spread Those Oils Around

The first major benefit that brushing your beard provides is oil spreading. Your face naturally produces several oils that are meant to moisturize the skin and repair or heal the hair on your face. These oils prevent your strands from drying out and becoming brittle while also providing vitamins and more that hairs need to remain strong and vibrant. It’s safe to say healthy facial hair oil is the most important element in a great-looking beard.

With that being said, longer beards can be a bit more complicated. Many of the oils don’t reach the tips of the beard hairs, resulting in split ends or overly-dry hair at the tip. Brushing your beard with a round boar & nylon bristle brush will help spread these oils around and ensure that even the farther ends of your beard look as good as the hair strands close to your face. It’s a great way to make sure your facial hair looks uniform both in color and health all the way around.

Prevent Breakage

Brushing your beard can help you prevent excessive breakage. While it’s normal for your hairs to break apart and fall off now and again, beards that are too dry can easily become split at the ends or start to fall off faster than normal. This can result in a patchy look or beards that have really weak looking tips.

Brushing your beard not only spreads oil around, but it also gets rid of strands that are a bit too weak and might need a little help escaping your face. This frees up room for new healthy hairs to sprout at the follicles in your skin. Evidence also suggests that regularly brushing your hair helps maintain the strength of your beard by forcing your hairs to remain tough if they want to remain at all.


A good beard brushing will also provide an excellent exfoliating experience. Exfoliation is the act of removing dead skin cells from your face, which can help clear up the pores and prevent your skin from becoming too dry over time.

This also helps open your pores and follicles to allow new beard hairs to be grown as necessary. Even better, regularly brushing and exfoliating the skin beneath your beard can help alleviate dandruff and prevent showers of white dust from falling from your beard every time you go to scratch an itch. No more beardruff!

For men with long beards, finding an exfoliating tool is even more important since they won’t get rid of dead skin cells with the same regularity as they would with a shorter beard or a clean-shaven style.

Promote Blood Flow/Beard Growth

Brushing your beard can promote blood flow and, in turn, enhance beard growth.

When the bristles rub the skin on your face, they promote blood circulation to the blood cells closest to the surface of your skin, which is where your hair follicles naturally rest. As blood flows more enthusiastically, oxygen and other nutrients are brought to the hair follicles providing them with the tools they need to grow strong, new hair strands.

In other words, promoting blood flow can help the coloring of your face and make sure that your follicles are working full-time to constantly replenish any dead hairs that fall away. Since we each lose dozens of hairs each day this is a big deal… especially for guys with longer beards. While you won’t be able to suddenly grow a big beard if you brush a clean-shaven face, this is important for general beard maintenance once you have an impressive bunch of facial hair. It’s also something that’s too-often neglected by many men.

All in all, brushing your beard is good practice that any man with a beard should already be following. On the off chance that you’re not, hopefully the benefits we listed above have convinced you to start taking brushing seriously.