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In the world of sports, players have different attributes that separate them from the rest of the field. Saquon Barkley has legs that look like tree trunks, Aroldis Chapman is an imposing figure on the mound at 6’4”, and Michael Phelps has his patented back slapping pre-race ritual. In addition to these unmistakeable features, beards find their way into just about every sport under the sun. In this article, we’re going to take a look at various sports and various beards from various time periods. Without further adieu and in no particular order, here are some of the best beards in sports.

#1 - Julian Edelman - Football

At 5’10”, Julian Edelman isn’t one of the tallest receivers in the national football league but his agility and athleticism keep him at the top of the list when it comes to best all-around playmakers in the league. In addition to his success as a receiver, Edelman became known for one of the burliest beards in the NFL although he eventually shaved the beard off on a talk show to raise money for charity. Time to start growing it back out, Julian.

#2 - Charlie Blackmon - Baseball

Charlie Blackmon, an outfielder for the Colorado Rockies, is one of the best all-around players in Major League Baseball. On top of hitting right around .300 and having an above-average arm out of the outfield, he’s got one of the best beards in the game as well.

#3 - Dallas Keuchel - Baseball

While Dallas Keuchel was one of the top pitchers in the MLB with the Astros, his beard took on a life of its own. Fans were seen wearing fake beards in the stands and his beard became an interwoven part of the brand of the pitching rotation for the Houston based team. You can probably see why that’s the case.

#4 - James Harden - Basketball

Without a doubt one of the, if not the, most iconic beards in the modern sports world is draped across the face of Houston Rockets point guard, James Harden. When the fan base comes up with the slogan “fear the beard” in regards to your facial hair you know you're doing something right.

#5 - Andrew “Beef” Johnston - Golf

Beards haven’t been seen too much in the professional golf space, but one golfer that goes by the nickname “beef” has started to change that. When you have a swing as supple and smooth as “beef” and a beard to match, it's only a matter of time before others start following your lead.

#6 - Lanny McDonald - Hockey

Lanny McDonald might be the oldest athlete on this list but his Mustache has stood the test of time. Playoff beards are a well-known tradition in hockey (as well as baseball) but this aggressive mustache took that to a whole new level.

#7 - Ryan Fitzpatrick - Football

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s beard is incredible. Just look at it. Be jealous. Repeat.

#8 - Ezekiel Elliott - Football

One of the greatest running backs of the modern era of football also has a killer beard to match. This Dallas Cowboy running back’s beard is one a defensive player doesn’t want to see coming at them through the defensive line.

#9 - Craig Kimbrel - Baseball

Not only does Kimbrel have an intimidating beard, but he has one of the most unorthodox positions on the mound we’ve ever seen from a closer. If the arms up ready position doesn’t distract you, the beard surely will.
Depending on the sport, beards can be a hassle to handle and even impact performance. In contrast, the athletes on this list have found a way to turn their beards into an asset instead of a liability. If checking out these badass beards has you amped and ready to keep on growing, grab some of the best beard products on the market here.

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