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It shouldn’t come as a surprise when we say a beard can make you look like a completely different (and almost always better looking) person. To further prove this point we grabbed some of our favorite before and after photos from the Bossman Brotherhood. Buckle up, check out the badass before and afters, and maybe you’ll even see yourself listed.

#1 - Edward Keser

#2 - Shawn Delaune

#3 - George McProut

#4 - Jerome Andries

#5 - JD Conrad

#6 - Joel Zapata

#7 - Jason Boyd

#8 - Randy Lewis

Now that you’ve gone through these epic before and after beard photos, we hope you understand the importance of taking care of your beard. The best way to ensure your beard is as badass as the after photos above is to grab some beard products from Bossman and get yourself stuck into a strong beard care morning and night routine. We recommend grabbing one of our beard kits to get your bathroom stocked and ready for anything. In addition, these join the bearded bosses featured in this article in our Facebook Group, The Bossman Brotherhood for tips, tricks, and more.

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