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If you’re looking for a fun article to brighten your morning, afternoon, or evening… this article might not be the one for you. However, if you’re looking to learn something new or bust a myth then you’re in the right place. There’s a long-running myth about beards that states they continue to grow after a person is deceased. The same question could also be asked about fingernails and the hair on top of your head, but today we’ll be taking a look specifically at whether or not beards continue to grow after a person dies.


Beards don’t actually continue to grow after a person dies, but as the skin dries out it retracts which could cause the illusion of hair continuing to grow after death.

The Science

After death, a body will become dehydrated which causes the skin around your hair and fingernails to shrink and retract which gives off the illusion of ones beard continuing to grow as the hair becomes more exposed.

Fingernails need new cells to be produced in order to grow and push the old cells forward resulting in what we see to be fingernail growth. Without glucose, the fingernail and beard growth process isn’t possible which further disproves the myth that humans would continue to grow beards even after they are deceased. Once the heart stops beating, the oxygen supply to the brain is then cut off and the lack of glucose stored to rely on will then cause nerve cells to die in just a few minutes.


When prepping a deceased body for a funeral, oftentimes the person prepping that body will moisturize the fingernail area to counteract the retraction of the skin. While we haven’t heard of the same being done for beards it doesn’t come as much of a shock… because who wouldn’t want an extra little bit of beard growth (even if it's an illusion) on their way to be celebrated.

The moral of the story here is that we never know when we’re going to go and if you’re banking on being able to grow a boss status beard after your clock stops ticking, that won’t be the case. Leave it up to your alive self, grab some bossman beard products, and grow that beard out… while you still can.


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