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Growing a beard is one of the most well-known rituals of manhood. So, it’s no wonder that many young men wonder how long it’ll take them to grow a beard. The answer isn’t as complicated as you might think, but it’s also not the same for everyone. For some beard growth begins later in life and for some the actual beard growing process form clean-shaven to stubble only takes a day. Let’s dive in.

Beard Growth Phases

Beard growth is fairly similar to the hair growth of the rest of your body. It follows the same three phases that all hair growth does, although beard hair growth is also characterized by a few unique quirks. So, before we get into the time needed to grow a proper beard, let’s break down these phases one by one.

The anagen phase can also be thought of as the “growing” phase for your beard hair. Depending on your genetics and other factors, this phase can last for several months up to a year. One key thing to keep in mind is that each hair on your beard undergoes each of these phases individually. One hair can be in the anagen phase while another might be all the way down at the telogen phase. This is why some beard hairs seem to grow faster than others.

For most men, facial hair grows up to about one half of an inch during each month of the anagen phase.

The catagen phase is characterized by your hair strand being separated from your follicle and attaching to the skin. Your hair follicles are subdermal growth spots where your hair grows and solidifies. During the catagen phase, the follicles retreat and the hairs attached to your dermis more rigidly. Because of this, blood supply stops to the hair root, preventing it from growing further. This phase usually doesn’t take too long compared to the other two phases.

The telogen phase is the other long part of the hair growth cycle and can take anywhere between two and four months. During this phase, your hair sits on your face and just exists, essentially. Meanwhile, your hair follicle slowly starts to build up a new hair strand that will eventually push the old hair out of place and off your skin. This is why humans regularly shed old hair and grow new strands.

Factors That Influence Beard Growth Speed

So, why does it take some men longer to grow a beard than others?

It boils down to a variety of factors that can be drastically different for some guys. Some men are blessed with excellent genetics while others even in the perfect age of their life for growing a beard still aren’t able. Let’s break down the factors that can influence how long it takes to grow a beard.

This factor is probably the most important by far. Some men simply have genetics that causes them to grow hair fast and thick, particularly on their face. These guys won the genetic lottery and will have an easier time growing a beard quickly and in whatever style they please.

Other men might take a much longer time to grow beard hair; their anagen phase just takes longer than average. There’s no way to alter the genetic factor, so look at your male relatives for an idea as to your own genetic fortune in this arena.

Men who are emerging from adolescence and becoming full adults will benefit from the best beard blooming years of their life. This usually occurs between the ages of 20 to 35; at this rate, the male super hormone testosterone is at its highest levels, which inspires your body to grow as much beard hair as possible.

In a nutshell, this extends the length of your anagen phase, so you’ll grow hair for longer and the hair that you do grow will be thicker and stronger. Other periods of your life, like middle-age and beyond, won’t benefit from as much testosterone and you won’t grow hair quite as quickly.

Skin Health
Lastly, how well you take care of your skin can affect your beard growth speed. Healthy skin means healthy follicles and unblocked pores that allow hair to come through unimpeded. Be sure to use good products and follow a good skincare regimen to maximize your beard growth speed.

Ways to Boost Beard Growth Speed

There are ways to increase the growth rate of your beard if you want to offset bad genetics or if you’re past age 35 or so.

Boss Booster
One of the best beard and hair growth supplements on the market, Boss Booster is an easy to take a supplement that provides a key amount of biotin. Biotin is one of the best hair growth vitamins you can take, as is necessary for new hair growth and can improve hair strength.

Eat Healthily
Maintaining a good diet full of proteins and healthy fatty acids can help you grow a beard more quickly. Your body needs the simple molecules to build new hair strands if you want a full, rich beard. Eating an unhealthy diet will cause all your bodily processes to slow down, not just hair growth.

Don’t Shave!
There’s an odd myth that shaving makes your hair grow back more quickly, but it’s patently false. You should only be shaving after you have a beard and are looking to style or shape your facial hair according to your preferences.

How Long Will It Take?

So, how long will it take you to grow a beard? It depends on a combination factors listed above and the products you use on a regular basis.

Most guys will probably need between 1 to 3 months to grow a full beard, with men with better genetics taking less time and men with worse genetics taking a little longer. Remember to avoid shaving if you are trying to grow a beard; this is a myth that doesn’t actually help your skin grow new hair strands more quickly. Shaving away peach fuzz just makes the entire process take longer.

Instead, if you want to grow a beard quickly, take a great supplement like Boss Booster, maintain a healthy diet, and keep your skin clean. All of these factors combined will result in a great-looking beard sooner than you think.

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