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Growing a thicker and fuller beard doesn’t need to feel like a massive task. Adopting the right routines and using the right products will help transform your facial hair into something that you and those around you will appreciate. Whether you grow a thin or thick beard, using these techniques can help you grow your beard into something that really stands out. So, let’s get started.

The Three Qualities of a Great Beard

Before we look at the actual techniques for growing thicker beards, it’s important to understand the main qualities you need to focus on.

These three qualities are length, fluffiness, and thickness.

When most men want thicker beards, they’re struggling with the last aspect. In most cases, men struggle with beard thickness because of genetics.

While it’s often seen as a bit of a tough break, you don’t need to give up. Even if your genes aren’t interested in producing a beastly beard, you can use products and good ol’ fashioned ingenuity to circumvent those limitations. Below are a few ways to make sure your beard grows to be as thick and full as possible.

1. Care for the Skin Under Your Beard

First and foremost, you have to take care of the skin on your face before focusing on the hair on top. Too few guys thoroughly wash their beards and neglect to make sure that the skin beneath their facial hair is properly moisturized.

Facial hair is produced by special glands called hair follicles, which require proper nutrition and moisture to work effectively. Your skin directly affects the strength of your hair follicles and strands that they produce. Skin that’s too dry or unhealthy will have difficulty circulating blood or nutrients to beard hair resulting in thinner, weaker strands that fall apart easily or don’t stand up under pressure.

However, caring for the skin and cleaning your beard isn’t that difficult. Avoid chemical-rich and fragrance packed soap because it will dry out the skin beneath your facial hair and use a dedicated beard shampoo. Beard Shampoo has components that aren’t as irritating to the skin or damaging to hair strands… plus they look and smell awesome.

Bossman all-natural hair and body soap both cleans and moisturizes both your face and beard.
After you wash, use beard oil or moisturizer to make sure that your skin doesn’t dry out over the course of the day like Bossman’s Jelly Beard Oil. It’s specifically designed to stop your hair and face from drying out over time, even when trapped beneath thicker beard hairs. That is why it is 2x thicker than your average beard oil.

If your face is very dry, you might also want to combine this with a dedicated facial skin moisturizer applied generously at night.

2. Condition Your Beard

You’ve probably already heard of hair conditioner, which is used to replenish and protect hair from daily wear and tear and stop the strands from drying themselves out. Beard conditioner does the same thing, except it’s made with slightly different ingredients and nutrients to make it more effective for facial hair.

You can't use regular conditioner on your beard for two reasons. One: the skin on your face is a little more sensitive and reacts differently to ingredients. Two: regular hair conditioner isn’t formulated with the right stuff for beard health.

Using a top-tier beard conditioner will not only help your beard look and feel better over time but can also protect it from breakage, dryness, beard itch, and more.

3. Eat Well!

Focusing on your diet can have excellent benefits when it comes to growing new beard hair both faster and more fully than usual.

Your diet directly affects the new types of cells your body can create. A well-rounded diet with plenty of vegetables and good proteins, like lean meats, will help your body produce thick facial hair rather than brittle hair.

In fact, guys with fatty diets often have weaker than average facial hair and even oily faces. This exacerbates thin beard problems, as oily faces are not as healthy and dry out more easily.

4. Use Beard Growth Booster

Similar to hair, skin and nail supplements many women take, you can also use specially formulated beard growth products to take your beard up a notch. These products are usually made with biotin, which stimulates hair growth, and other high-quality ingredients to provide your skin and hair follicles with nutrients they need to produce stronger, thicker hair strands.

Beard boosters, like Boss Booster, combine 10,000 mcg of Biotin with 20 other key strengthening ingredients to give your hair and beard their best shot at growing thick and full. This is a popular solution for many guys since it’s easy to remember and doesn’t require maintenance.

5. Trim Regularly

Trimming your hair regularly has additional benefits other than keeping your beard under wraps.

Just like the hair on your head, your beard hair can also have split ends. This causes your beard hair to become weaker over time, turning brittle and in the end, cracking down the middle. Cracks or fractures on the hair strand can travel down the root, causing permanent damage. Even if not to this point, weak hair strands appear more brittle and less full.

By trimming your beard regularly, you’ll facilitate healthy hair strand growth and help your beard fill itself out more properly.

What's Next?

All in all, growing a thicker and fuller beard doesn’t have to be left to the genetic dice. You can take matters into your own hands with a great beard care routine. The use of the right beard products can help even the patchiest beard growers start down the road to a thicker and fuller beard. So, what’s stopping you from taking charge of your facial hair future?