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The lumberjack look is nothing new and you’ve likely already got a pretty good idea of what the look entails. While there are multiple elements that combine to make the perfect lumberjack look, we’ll be focusing on the facial hair requirements. Below we’ll dive into the who, what, when, where, why, and putting together a lumberjack facial hair masterpiece.

The Lumberjack Mustache

The Lumberjack style mustache is full-bodied, thick, and manly with hints of a handlebar mustache but without the aggressive curl. It takes time to grow and must be properly maintained to fulfill the rest of the wood-chopping, flannel-wearing look. By using the products listed below and sticking to a consistent regiment of both not shaving and proper mustache care, you’ll be smelling like pine in no time.

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The Lumberjack Beard

Similar to the mustache part of the lumberjack beard equation the beard needs to be thick, full, and look like it smells like a Wyoming winter campfire. To fully pull off the look the beard is an integral piece of the puzzle and requires strong genetics, will power, and some of the best bossman products in the world. By maintaining proper use and implementation of the bossman four-stage beard care process you’ll be well on you way to a fuller, thicker, and softer lumberjack beard.

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BONUS: The Lumberjack Outfit

The lumberjack outfit pieces everything together and shouldn’t be expensive or difficult to find. For the top of the head, a Filson Hat or Winter Hat will do. For the torso, you really can’t go wrong with a flannel and (if you’re feeling risky) unbuttoned with a white shirt underneath. For the pants, some solid sturdy jeans or work pants should do the trick. Last but not least the shoes have to be ready to put in some work, boots or trail style shoes are a must.

If you’re looking to lumberjack it up or you just bought a secluded house or cabin in Colorado, you’re in the right place. While anyone can toss on some lumberjack style clothes and play the part, only a true boss has what it takes to grow the beard and mustache to match. Grab some Bossman Beard products, hide the trimmers and razors and you’re well on your way.

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