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Well-grown beards need a little manscape every once and while. Not only does shaping your beard keep it healthy and speed up growth, but it also keeps it from making you look like a caveman. No one wants that, trust us. No beard grows perfectly, and no two chins are the same. So, do your research to figure out the perfect shape for your face. Let’s talk trimming.


Go big or don’t go at all is our motto. Nightmares are made of cutting off more beard than you had planned. After all, you spent time growing it. So, always start with a larger guard. You can always gradually make it shorter, but once it’s cut off… it’s cut off.

When you are ready to rock and roll, pick one side, start from the outside and work your way in towards the middle. Then, do the same on the opposite side. You will be able to compare one side to the other throughout the process. Additionally, working from the cheeks to the mount is less intimidating as even the manliest of men are scared to nick a lip.

Once you have shaped the beard, the detail begins. The main areas to focus on are the neck and cheek lines.


There is a universal rule for trimming hair that can also be applied to necklines. Create a “U”.

Look slightly up and see how your chin creates a “U” shape from one ear to right above your Adam's apple and completes at the other ear. To locate the proper midpoint, place two fingers above your Adam’s apple and center with your face.

Adjust the guard and get to trimming everything below this imaginary line. Want it shorter? Start moving down from there. We suggest adjusting longer than you think to avoid trimming too short.

Cheek lines:

This will change from person to person based on preference and where your natural cheekbones are. If your beard is scant, then just shave away the strays and keep your natural lines.

If you’re looking for more structure to your cut, however, then you have a little bit of work to do.

Create imaginary lines from the top of your left earlobe to the corner of your mouth. Use shaving cream or another way to mark this line. Repeat on the other side. Use your fingers, or a comb to make sure the line is straight. When cutting, the same rules apply as to trimming your beard- you can always take more off, not less. So, start a little high, just in case.

Want to step it up a notch? Learn how to use a straight razor to clean up those cheeks, necklines, and more. There are few things more badass than cleaning up the edges of your beard with a tiny sword.

The shape really does come down to preference. However, if you have an angular face, a curved line could help to lighten your shape, whereas a rounder face could benefit from the more aggressiveness that comes with a straight line cut.

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