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In 2020, the Bossman Team set out to find the right boss to be the new face, and beard, of Bossman Brands. That search evolved into the #BeYourOwnBoss2020 campaign which saw hundreds of badass boss entries, custom videos, and more. After carefully sifting through the entries, nailing down our finalists, and making an incredibly tough decision we’ve found the new face and beard of the brand. Keith Baker, also known as @BeardedHorsepower, embodies what we believe is the bossman way. With a beard that turns heads, a passion for beard excellence, and great taste in western-style hats, we look forward to seeing what comes of our campaigns featuring Keith.

Now that you know who we’ve selected as the winner of the Bossman 2020 Be Your Own Boss campaign, we wanted to take this opportunity to help you get to know Keith a little bit better. Below you’ll see a few questions and answers from our interview with Keith upon selecting him as the winner of the contest. From his favorite football team, to his family, and all the way back around to his favorite Bossman products we hope this helps you get to know the #BeYourOwnBoss2020 campaign winner.

Where Is Keith From?

Robertsdale, Alabama

Keith's Family

Keith has a wife and two kids - a 23-year-old son and a 4 year-old daughter.

What Are Your Favorite Bossman Products?

Keith’s favorite products are the MUDstache (he’s tried about 50 different types) and Boss Booster.

What Are Your Favorite Sports To Watch and What Team Do You Root For?

A college football fanatic and diehard Alabama Crimson Tide fan.

What Tips Would You Give A Boss Just Now Starting Their Bearded Journey?

Keith’s two main tips would be to drink a gallon of water every day and to remove all trimmers from your household.

What is Your Favorite Bossman Scent?

Anything and everything Royal Oud with Stagecoach being a relatively close second favorite.

What Does Your Beard Routine Look Like?

1 - Always start by cleaning your beard with the Bossman soap
2 - Every 3-4 days use Fortify Beard Conditioner
- Switches between Jelly Beard Oil and Beard Oil depending on the length of the beard and time of the year.
- When sporting a Longer beard he uses regular beard oil and when it’s shorter he uses jelly beard oil.
3 - Warmer months he uses regular beard oil, colder months he uses jelly beard oil.
4 - Uses balm later in the evening and while he sleeps to wake up with a beard ready for the day.

What Car Do You Drive And Do You Have A Project Car?

Keith currently drives a 2020 GMC Sierra AT4 but also spends time restoring a 1928 Model A Phaeton.

What Is The First Thing You’ll Do Post-COVID?

Spend time with family. No doubt about it.

How Many Different Beard Products Have You Reviewed?

Over 450 different oils, over 350 different butters and balms, and over 1,000 beard products in total.

What Makes Bossman Your Favorite?

The 4 Ps: Presentation, Product, Price, Performance.

If You Could Only Eat One Meal For The Rest Of Your Life What Would It Be?

Steak & Potatoes

Keith’s Beard Tips For Bearded Bosses

1 - If it’s good for your skin it’s good for your hair. The skin is the foundation of a great beard.
2 - Blood Flow equals beard growth, use the bossman brush to stimulate blood flow to the face and your beard will grow like never before.
Hopefully, you were able to grab a few helpful tips from a boss with a badass beard as well as get to know our 2020 Be Your Own Boss campaign winner. We’re incredibly excited to start working with Keith on this new campaign, let you guys get to know him even better and start bringing you more tips along the way. Stay hydrated, stay bearded, and stay healthy, Bosses.