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*Disclaimer: We would never tell our customers to shave. In this article, we highlight a few bosses who decided to hack off their beards and serve on the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19*

Now, we know what you’re thinking and we’ll go ahead and address the elephant in the room. Yes, we’re a beard company writing an article about shaving. With the development of COVID-19 and the increased need for support from medical professionals, first responders, and more… we’ve seen people in the bearded community do the unthinkable to help stop the spread. They shaved.

While we love beards and their ability to fend off the elements, along with how badass they make a man’s face look… there’s nothing more badass than springing to action when the world needs you. Below you can see the CDC’s guidelines for facial hair when it comes to the proper fit of respirators and face masks/shields. Take a quick look.

As you might have noticed, the options that remain reasonable when it comes to facial hair and being on the front lines of fighting a pandemic are incredibly limited. These guidelines resulted in a tough decision for some of our bearded brothers…

David Uselman

David Uselman made the call to shave off his beard in order to perform his duties to the best of his ability and ensure the safety of those around him. Read more about David Uselman, here.

Ballad Health Staff

The staff at Ballad Health in Houston decided to have a bit of fun with the decision to shave and let COVID know that this won’t soon be forgotten. Read more about the Ballad Health Team here, and be sure to read the comments section.

Although we’ve highlighted a couple of bosses here that are on the front lines, with clean-shaven faces, there are a ton of other beardless pandemic fighters working long hours to bring our world back to normal. Keep them in your thoughts, and if you happen to know someone that is a nurse, doctor or paramedic send them a quick note to thank them for all of their hard work. Most of all, if you’re quarantined and not working in a field of necessity… don’t shave your beard, stay at home, and we’ll be back out in the world flaunting our neck scarves soon enough.

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