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The “too long; didn’t read” answer to this question is, no. Using shampoo, body washes, or other soaps created without the beard specifically in mind is a bad idea. While they clean your body and hair great, they’re typically too aggressive for the biological makeup of the skin on your face. Let’s get down to the pores and break down some FAQs about beards, soap, and more.

Is hair shampoo bad for my beard?

Like we mentioned earlier, hair shampoo is designed to more rigorously cleanse the hair than a beard shampoo is. While it might not necessarily be bad for the beard itself, it’s certainly not good for the skin on the face. Using a shampoo designed for your hair on your face consistently will leave you at a much higher risk for beard dandruff and other dry face + beard related complications.

How is beard hair different than head hair?

While beard hair is typically thicker than the hair on your head, it could come as a surprise to hear that beard soap should actually be less aggressive than regular shampoo. The reason for this is for the majority of people the skin on your scalp can handle more aggressive cleansing formulas than your face can. This is why most people use a separate soap for their faces as they would for their body or hair.

What makes beard soap different than regular soap?

Regular shampoo is designed to remove all of the natural oils from your hair to avoid that oily hair look. In contrast, beard shampoo is strong enough to clean your beard effectively but is less aggressive. This allows your face and beard to retain their natural oils leaving your face happy, hydrated, and healthy. Using regular shampoo could lead to beard dandruff, dry skin, and an annoying itchy beard.

What should I look for in a beard soap?

While most shampoos contain harsh chemicals, when shopping for a beard soap you’ll want to keep an eye out for a plethora of essential oils and hydrating components. These can include but aren’t limited to; Coconut, Palm, Oats, Cacao Powder, Plantain Leaf Powder, Charcoal, Shea Butter, essential oils and more.

Pro tip: Find a soap that exfoliates as well to help remove dry skin and let those pores breathe… like Bossman’s Hair, Beard, and Body Soap.

How often should I wash my beard?

While there’s no prescriptive answer to this frequently asked question, as a common rule of thumb you should wash your beard at least once or twice a week. With a more active and outdoorsy lifestyle, you might find yourself needing to wash your beard more often but with a high-quality beard soap that shouldn’t be a problem.

For some men, a beard is what defines you and sets you apart from the vast sea of other men. It’s an art piece, a sign of commitment, and most importantly it just looks damn good. With beards being so vital to your success as a man of Earth, it would be a shame to neglect them by using anything other than shampoo designed specifically for beards. Grab some Bossman Hair, Beard, and Body soap today and trust us… your beard will thank you.

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