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We’re obsessed with beards. We don’t hate shaving but believe it should be done minimally and only as a way of changing the look or shape of an existing beard. For one month, however, we stash the clippers… hide the razors… and wouldn’t dare look into the eyes of a can of shaving cream. No. Shave. November.

What is the History of No-Shave November?

Every year for the month of November men don’t shave, groom, or cut their facial hair in an effort to raise awareness for cancer and men’s health. For some, this could mean a scraggly billygoat beard and creepy mustache. For others, an extra ⅛ of an inch on their foot long… beard. No-Shave November is the brother to “Movember” which originated in 2003 in Australia and is exactly as the title says. Movember, which came about via the American-English word moustache, is all about the Mustache. We’re not saying that one is more superior to the other, but since we founded our company for the bearded… we’re going with the whole shebang.

Why Should I Care?

Because Cancer sucks and beards don’t.

How Can I Get Involved?

1) Build Awareness

Attention is money and money is attention. In the age of social media, we can whip out our pocket supercomputers and share what we’re thinking with the world in an instant. For the month of November, that could mean shifting the focus to Movember/No-Shave November and away from cat videos… they’ll still be around in December.

2) Support Financially

If you’ve got the coin and the beard to go with it… more power to you, Boss. Donate to Movember here.

3) Tell Your Story

This one goes hand-in-hand with building awareness but we felt it deserved its own point. More often than not, telling your story can build awareness and financial support for a cause better than any other way. Letting those around you know why the cause is important to you and helping them understand how to help can generate serious involvement.

What if I Never Shave?

Keep not shaving and quit asking dumb questions.

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All-in-all, No-Shave November is a campaign to raise awareness for a cause that hits close to home for a good portion of us. You don’t need deep pockets to help raise awareness and you don’t need a huge beard to get involved. We love beards and even better… we love beards with a cause. Get to it, Bosses!