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Having a beard is something most men dream of throughout their early years and we don’t blame the young men for wanting to look like distinguished and capable men. For the bearded men of the world, we know that having a beard comes with responsibility, some changes in routine, and an undisputed increase in confidence in every facet of life. One of those changes in routine involves what you do in the morning and before your head hits the pillow at night to keep that beard in peak form. To get even more granular, before you head out for the day not only do we need to style our head hair but we need to style out beard hair as well. A product that we have come to know and love, beard pomade, does an incredible job helping bearded bosses look and feel their absolute best throughout the day, and below are a few reasons why.

All Day Hold

Pomade’s stronghold is ideal for bosses with a need to look extremely well-kept. Whether you’re in back-to-back meetings with shareholders, the board, and employees or on-camera, your beard will be fly away free and well-contained with the addition of Bossman’s beard pomade.

Long-Lasting Scent

Bossman’s scent lineup ensures that every boss has something that fits their style and personal brand perfectly. Whether you’re looking to smell like a true gentleman and want to go with Stagecoach, or if you’re looking to make a memorable first impression and think Magic would be more your style, you can trust that our scents will stand the test of time as you’re putting in the work throughout the day.

Re-Activation Capabilities

A great feature of pomade is the capability of it to reactivate and restyle beards (or even head hair) with the addition of water. Although it will be a less aggressive hold with the addition of water to your beard, the capability to “just add water” and get your beard back in control can be huge for Bosses who are on the move from dusk until dawn.

Designed For Beards

Gels and other styling products might contain ingredients that are more suited for the hair on your head and don’t have the beard’s genetic makeup in mind. As we’ve talked about time and time again at Bossman, Beard hairs are very different than the hair on your head as well as the skin underneath your beard, differing from the skin on the top of your head as well. These differences call for different products needing to be used in order to avoid issues like beard itch, beardruff, and more. Bossman’s Beard Pomade is made with the beard in mind and won’t dry out, harden, or damage beard hairs like the gels we used in the 90s to get that perfect spiked head hair look. Ingredients like Mango Seed Butter, Cocoa Seed Butter, Shea Butter, and Beeswax are combined to give your beard the pomade treatment it deserves.

We don’t blame you if you’re ready to start giving your beard some extra styling love or even want to have a consistent countertop and use Bossman’s beard pomade for the hair on top of your head. The benefits of beard pomade are far-reaching and well-worth it especially for those of you in the bearded community with some length on your beard. Stay locked-in. Stay looking fine-tuned. Stay bearded, Bosses.

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