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The best time of the year to have a Boss-status beard is upon us. Temperatures are plummeting (for most of us) and that extra layer of warmth for your face is ready to take on the forces of nature. You’ve been preparing, but we want to make sure you’re fully ready. Below are a few tips we came up with to help you conquer the season… Beard Season.

#1 - Keep It EXTRA Moisturized

Now, we’re not telling you to have a beard dripping with beard jelly or oil, but we are saying you should be more generous with the amount you use. Similar to using extra lotion for your skin during this time of year, a healthy amount of Bossman’s Jelly Beard Oil will help keep your beard well-hydrated.

Bonus: Our Jelly Beard Oil’s non-greasy formula helps with dryness, irritation, and itchiness. Time to Stock up on Bossman’s Jelly Beard Oil!

#2 - Wear Flannels

Put on a flannel and you’re capable of chopping down a tree, carrying it back to the cabin, and karate chopping it into perfect firewood. So yeah, wear some flannels. Bonus points if you put one foot up on the tree stump with the tree over your shoulder and a bald eagle on your other arm. #FlannelTime

#3 - Enjoy Not Having A Cold Face

This is hands down the best time of the year to have a well-grown beard. We’re talking about all-natural face insulation that you worked on for months that cost you $0 unlike a scarf from a department store. Take that, Macy’s.

#4 - Get Steamy

A nice steam can go a long way during these harsh winter months. The dry air will attack your beard like a workout will attack your muscles. Luckily, both can be treated to a steam and have you coming out feeling good as new. Crank up the heat in the shower or go all out and hit a steam room, just don’t fall asleep in there or you’ll go full raisin.

#5 - Don’t Overdo The Shampoo

We’ve focused a good bit of this winter beard guide on adding oil and moisturizers to your routine, but it’s equally as important to remember not to strip them away. There are times to shamp-do and times to shamp-don’t. Shampooing your beard too often will dry it out even more with the dry air coming into play. Remember, you can wash your beard with water as often as you like (especially if you’re highly active) but shampooing should be a once a week activity. Protect those natural oils, Boss, and when you do wash that beard we highly recommend using our Bossman Beard Hair & Body Soap.

You’re well-prepared to chop firewood, hit the slopes, and make bearded snow angels. If you need to stock up on some extra gear head over to our store and see what catches your eye. Enjoy the season and flaunt that chin masterpiece you’ve been working on.

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Winter Beard Tips