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Bearded workouts are undoubtedly a bit different than non-bearded workouts. Not only due to the increased presence of testosterone and desire to win at everything but also because of the expectations that come with having a beard in a gym. Beards are a symbol of strength, a beacon of dominance, and a magnet for a whole slew of nastiness. Dirt, grime, sweat, chalk, and all that good ol’ gym stuff will get trapped in there during a session at the iron church but what you do before, during and after a workout will determine how well your beard holds up.

The Do’s

Do: Rinse with water before working out
A quick rinse will rid your beard of the grime build-up from your day on a job site, at the office, or (if you’re an early morning workout kind of boss) night of sleep. Run water through your beard, rinse thoroughly, and then splash some cold water on your face to wake yourself up before stepping onto the gym floor.

Do: Rinse with water after working out
You’ve done the pre-workout rinse, crushed a workout, and are either getting ready for the day or getting ready for bed… time to hit your beard with one more rinse. Soap isn't always a necessity and can be saved for once a day as long as it's a soap designed specifically for your beard. Bossman's Exfoliating Beard Soap is perfect when it comes to helping you clean out all that chalk, grime, sweat, and protein powder.

Do: Apply Jelly Beard Oil After Your Workout
For the same reason, you walk around with a gallon jug of water during a workout, you should have some Bossman Jelly Beard Oil on hand for hydration. After you’ve rinsed away the nastiness that’s built up over the course of your workout, re-hydrate your beard with some beard oil, apply generously.

Do: Comb or Brush Your Beard Before and After A Workout
Once you’ve washed your beard, applied your beard oil or jelly beard oil, give it a nice comb or brush to get that hydration down to the pores as well as get out any tangles and knots that might have popped up. We all know how easy it is to fidget with and scratch at our beards, especially during a workout. All of this leads to potential damage in the beard if not brushed out and re-hydrated properly. With added activity comes added responsibility. Are you ready for it?

The Dont's

Don’t: Wash Too Many Times In One Day
It can be tempting to grab that great smelling and highly effective Bossman Exfoliating Soap after every workout but try to resist from time to time. Rinsing your beard with water should do the trick more often than not, letting you save those deeper Bossman Beard Soap washes for about once a day. Similar to the hair on your head and the use of shampoo, too much washing can strip your beard from its naturally occurring oils which help keep it hydrated.

Don’t: Shave your beard off
Working out with a beard, among a variety of other activities, can get annoying at times. You’ll get frustrated with it at times but it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of having a beard when that razor or those clippers start looking tempting. Don’t shave it, boss, don’t do it.

Don’t: Forget To Brush It Out
Those tangles and knots are inevitable for bosses with longer beards after a workout. Brushing not only will get some of those out but it will help get the hydration throughout your entire beard preventing split ends and promoting overall beard health.

Working out not only plays directly into living a healthy and active lifestyle, but it can actually have a positive impact on your beard growth. With that being said, if you don’t take care of your beard before, during and after, your sessions at the gym, you might find yourself with a plethora of different beard-related issues. A lack of hydration could lead to beard dandruff, beard itch, and more. A lack of rinsing with water could lead to a dirty odorous beard. Moral of the story here is to take care of your beard, follow these do’s and don’t, and grab yourself some Bossman Products so the people in the locker room know you take your beard game seriously.