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👑 Colossal Kit

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$179.00 $228.00
Royal Oud / Eucalyptus + Tea Tree / Royal Oud
Choose Your Soap
Choose Your Shave Cream + After Shave + Colo

If you think size doesn't matter, keep scrolling because this kit just isn't for you. The Colossal Kit is the end all be all, pinnacle of beard grooming excellence and domination. Packed to the brim with everything you need to make your transformation from beard stubble to beard BOSS complete. You worked hard to be at the top, stay there! Free shipping included.

1️⃣  Choose what scent you want for your Jelly, Fortify, Balm & Pomade. 

2️⃣  Pick your soap scent.

3️⃣  Pick your Shave Cream + After Shave + Colotion Scent.

Included in Kit:  

Soap + Jelly + Fortify + Balm + Pomade + Shower Brush + Scissors + Metal Comb + Oval Brush + The Claw + Soap Tray + Organizer + Shave Cream + After Shave + Colotion

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