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Hair & Beard Pomade

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Stagecoach / Single 4oz Can

Bossman's Hair & Beard pomade is formulated with natural ingredients to restore the moisture and texture your hair or beard. Perfect for short and long beards, this pomade is designed to give more control than your typical beard balms. Unlike oily balms, Bossman Pomade will add weight, control, and hold without leaving your beard feeling greasy so you can rock your favorite style from dusk till dawn. It’s time to leave those harsh, artificial gels to the boy-bands of the ‘90s and pick up our Bossman Pomade that doesn't dry out, harden, or damage your hair. For hair, our pomade is a light hold that makes your hair feeling fuller and healthier than ever before. Just apply to hair, blow dry, and see the magic happen!

Not tested on Roosters
Strong Hold
Natural ingredients
6 Scents to Choose From

Our guarantee

Our natural ingredients and kit options ensure there’s a way for any boss - and his beard - to get exactly what they’re looking for. Add some Bossman’s Beard Pomade to your cart and your beard will thank you. We guarantee it or your money back, no questions asked.

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No scent required. For the man who wants to sport his own natural scent or favorite cologne with no other scent competing for attention.


Fresh mix of woods such as Cedar, Spruce, Sandalwood with a hint of Lemon, Bergamot, Lavender, and Saffron Spice gives a clean and invigorating effect. It’s the perfect way to wake up or just feel refreshed throughout your day.


Every man's scent that just doesn't quit. Geranium and lavender are masterfully mixed with vanilla and patchouli to bring you a strong mechanical smell for the do-it-yourself kind of man.


Warm blend of rich Sandalwood and Vanilla oils highlight bergamot, patchouli and frankincense accents. This original scent is perfect for close encounters, special occasions, and days when your beard needs to be as smooth as you are.


This Texas-sized blend of rugged leather, sweet tobacco, and aged Bourbon will make your beard look and smell like a gentleman as you belly up to any saloon. Saddle not required.

Royal Oud

Designed for a king, Royal Oud’s Cedarwood and Bergamot undertones are complemented with hints of lemon, clove, and pepper oils. This scent is for the Boss who garners attention from all of those around him based on not only his devilishly good looks, but his attitude and accolades as well.

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from Ryan G.

Excellent! - I really enjoy the extra hold. I have coarse beard hair that can become unruly and stick out. The pomade helps to prevent this issue.

from Chris P.

Great for controlling out of control beard -I use the Pomade after using the Jelly. The two together keep my beard and face hydrated. The Pomade also works very well in helping to tame my beard. I like it better than beard balm.

from Sean S.

Love the control it gives me of my beard- I have multiple growth patterns in my beard and with the pomade I have the ability to make all of them to go in the direction I want and my beard looks nice and straight. I LOVE IT!!!

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