Our Story

Our founder, Stephen Condon, is well-known for his competition-worthy beard. During the beginning of his bearded journey, he noticed his thick beard started getting a bit out of whack and unmanageable. After researching and testing many beard brands on his own beard, he realized most beard oils were almost identical and weren’t thick enough to hydrate his beard without dehydrating his wallet. So, Stephen took matters into his own hands and created the world’s frst, Jelly Beard Oil. Jelly Beard Oil’s thicker viscosity was an instant hit among his bearded friends and those he met in the competitive beard circuit. From there, Bossman Brands was born.

With each product we create, our goal is to innovate and, in doing so, take beard care to the next level.



Bossman products aren’t your run of the mill cookie-cutter beard products. With each product we create, our goal is to innovate and, in doing so, take beard care to the next level. Our flagship product, jelly beard oil, was specifcally created to be twice as thick standard beard oils to bind to beard hair better and last longer. This helps solve a plethora of problems bearded men face on a daily basis including beard itch and dandruf.


Bossman products are made with all-natural and responsibly sourced ingredients. Each batch is tested by the Bossman to ensure quality for every customer.


We always put our customers first, which is why if you ever decide you dislike a product, we will refund your money, no questions asked. We just believe that’s the way business should be done.


Bossman has one purpose and it’s to help the Bosses of the world live their best-bearded lives. Our focus will always be on making quality products and pushing the limits of what everyday beard care entails. Our products are designed to help with every stage of the beard journey from pre-growth to competition styling.

No matter what your beard needs are, or what stage your beard is in, we’ve got the products to make it even better.