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Bathrooms are an incredibly personal place, but personal as they may be… sometimes they’ll be paid a visit from an unexpected visitor. There’s no bigger bathroom sin (besides not having some Bossman Products in there) than having a bathroom that’s missing out on any of the following ten items.

1) Hand Soap

While you may already have hair, body, and beard bar. Some hand soap by the sink is a must. Without some hand soap in the bathroom, you’re going to look like a classless fool. Don’t look like a classless fool, look like a boss.

Pro-Tip: Look even more like a boss by having a clean hand towel hung up. Nothing worse than washing your hands just to see a nasty hand towel hanging up.

2) A Spare Toothbrush

It doesn’t have to be a hydrodynamic toothbrush with port-and-starboard attachments and turbo drive… keeping a simple, still in the packaging toothbrush will get the job done. You never know when you’re going to have an unexpected overnight visitor.

Pro-Tip: You can buy 150 of them on Smile Makers for about $80 WITH YOUR NAME ON THEM, or anything else you might want. Imagine it. Your friend brushing their teeth with a toothbrush adorned with your name. Magical.

3) Matches

There’s something classy and thoughtful about keeping matches by the toilet. Some people might want to mark their territory with methane. However, the more civilized humans of the world might want to mask their scent with the fumes of lit and extinguished matches… also known as sulfur dioxide.

4) Extra Toilet Paper

Don’t put your visitors in the position to reach over for some toilet paper - only to feel cardboard, sadness, and a pinch of panic. Have a few extra rolls in an easy to grab spot, like a basket, cabinet, or on the back of the toilet.

5) Cologne

A smell emergency is easy to combat when you have a couple of cologne bottles at the ready. Cologne can cost a pretty penny, but it seems like one bottle lasts a good 4 years so… consider it an investment.

Pro-Tip: Bossman's Colotion hydrates your skin while providing you with a manly long-lasting scent.

6) Aftershave

Believe it or not, some people shave. Having some aftershave around the house for some of your non-bearded bros is a nice touch. For you bearded gentlemen… some Bossman Jelly Beard Oil should do the trick.

7) Q-Tips

The q-tip in the bathroom move is just downright classy. Put some q-tips in a jar and you just upgraded your Super 8 Motel Bathroom to the penthouse at the Ritz.

Pro-Tip (pun intended): You can buy 500 of them on Amazon for about $3.00

8) Light Reading

Sometimes when you’re going number two it helps to have a thing to read… or two. Grab a Men’s Health, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, or whatever is on-brand for you and toss it in there.

9) Pomade/Gel

You never know when one of the bosses in your life is going to need an emergency dab of beard pomade and gel. Let’s be real if you were at a pre-game before a night out and had a random head hair or beard hair go rogue… you’d be asking for some.

10) Advil

There will be mornings, even some afternoons and evenings, where Advil will save the day. Having a solid supply of the miracle drug will take you up a notch in the books of anyone who finds themself in need. Headaches and hangovers have met their match.

A bathroom can be a sacred place, a sanctuary, and it is almost certainly the place that starts your day. On the off occasion that you DO have a bathroom visitor, this list of ten must-haves is a good start. Feel free to customize your bathroom feel, vibe, and energy to match that of your own… but above all of that make sure you’re stocked up on toilet paper.