Beards have gained broader appeal in the past few years. A July 2020 post on The New York Times website refers to “pandemic beards” and provides tips on grooming them for newbies. Popular lifestyle and fashion site The Trend Spotter has countless articles on beard styles, with tips on rocking styles from stubble to full beards, for men of every age.

If you are looking for all-things beard oil, including how to choose one and use one, read on.

The Rise of Beard Oils

The rise of beard oils

A common trend emerging in the beard grooming community is the use of beard oil. And beard oil use isn’t the exclusive domain of Millennials, Gen Y, and Gen Z hipsters. Beard oil use has been attributed to both the Vikings and ancient cultures in Mesopotamia.

So, what is beard oil? And what does beard oil do?

Beard Oil Uses

The short story is that beard oil is typically used to calm frizz in the beard, smoothing it and taming unruly individual hairs. Beard oil is also used as a conditioner to moisturize and soften the hair of a beard and the skin underneath the beard. For this reason, beard oils can help quell occasional itchiness that may come with the beard-wearing. In addition, some beard oils can encourage beard growth.

How Do You Use Beard Oil?

As you get further into the process of growing your beard and learning more about beard oils, you will discover that the individual hair follicles of your beard have sebaceous glands. These glands produce a natural oil called sebum. The longer your beard grows, the less sebum oil is available for the hair further away from your skin. Hence, beard oil replaces the natural sebum oil that your beard craves.

While the purpose of beard oil is to moisturize the beard hair, it’s usually recommended that you apply it to the skin under your beard. The best time to use beard oil is directly after a warm shower, but many men like to apply it twice a day.

Here’s how to apply your beard oil:

  1. Begin with a tiny amount, just a few drops in the palm of your hands. Start small, especially with stubble stage beards, and you’ll quickly learn if you need more, like for a longer beard.
  2. Rub your hands together, and let the oil coat your fingers. 
  3. Get under your beard and apply it to the skin, massaging it into your jawline and up into your mustache area. 
  4. Distribute the oil down into your beard with your fingers. Then comb it through using a wooden beard comb, if desired.

You’ll soon be a pro and ready to model your beard oil before and after selfies.

Finding the Best Beard Oil (or Beard Jelly!)

So, you know what beard oil is and how to apply it. Now you’ll want some help finding the best beard oil for growth.

Since it’s almost universally recommended for good hygiene to wash your beard daily, the best beard oil is one that you’ll want to use every day. Much of that comes down to personal preference, but you’ll find a good-smelling beard oil is one that you look forward to using.

Bossman beard oils are considered by many to be the best-smelling beard oil on the market.  Bossman beard oils are also made with the best blend of natural moisturizing oils, including jojoba, coconut, sunflower seed, and safflower seed, along with other quality ingredients. It’s the brand of beard oil to turn to for growth results.

But wait! The best beard oil actually might be a beard jelly! Specifically, Jelly Beard Oil by Bossman. 

More About Beard Jelly

Beard jelly is a category of its own, and Bossman is the leading player. Beard jelly is similar to beard gels and beard balm because it’s thicker than traditional beard oil. 

But even better, Bossman Beard Jelly is specifically formulated to stimulate beard growth. Bossman beard jellies are designed to make beards fuller, along with fighting itch and giving your beard moisture all-day. 

Their unique scent profiles make them unique. There are six options to choose from for either Bossman’s traditional beard oil or beard jelly, including:

    • Stagecoach (reminiscent of fine leather / sweet tobacco / aged bourbon)
    • Magic (complex notes of vanilla / sandalwood / bergamot / frankincense/ patchouli)
    • Hammer (exotic blend of lavender / vanilla / geranium / patchouli)
    • Gold (outdoorsy blend of lemon / lavender / bergamot / cedarwood / spruce vetiver / rosemary / saffron / sandalwood
    • Royal Oud (distinctive combo of cedarwood / bergamot / lemon / clove / pepper)
    • Naked (with no added scent but faintly gifted with natural aromas of fresh ingredients)

Takeaway: Use the Best Beard Growth Oil and Use It Like a Boss

If you’re sporting a beard and not using beard oil or beard jelly, you are missing out and also not presenting the most touchable beard to those closest to you. 

Like a signature after-shave, beard oil is an essential part of taking care of yourself. Try it for several weeks, and see if you don’t look better and notice the difference.
So, if you want to accelerate results and get your beard growing, you’ll want to do these 3 simple things:

  1. Wash your beard every day.
  2. Apply Bossman beard jelly or oil once or twice a day.
  3. Be sure to massage it into the skin and comb the beard jelly throughout the length of your beard.

(Don’t forget to repeat and enjoy!)