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You might be ready to jump to the conclusion that a nightly routine is the same as a morning routine, but you’d be mistaken. There are subtle differences in both the steps you take and the frequency to which you perform them at night vs in the morning throughout the week. At the end of the night, it all comes down to consistency.

“Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose and of action over a long period of time.” – Bruce Springsteen

Remove The Dirt & Grime

If you’re a boss, it’s extremely likely that your day was filled to the brim with efficiency and progress. With all of that work comes dirt, grime, and more getting trapped in the Swiffer sweeper that hangs off of your chin. Unlike a Swiffer, you can’t just take off your beard and put on a new one right away so we’re going to have to clean that beard up.

While you might be tempted to wash your beard with soap made specifically for beards, you don’t need to/want to do this too often during the week. Your beard produces natural oils that protect and moisturize it throughout your daily activities and stripping those from it too often could lead to a dried out beard.

Prescription: Run water through your beard every day to remove dirt and other nastiness that you might have accrued throughout the day. Use Bossman’s Beard, Hair, and Body soap three times per week to get rid of all of the deeper grossness that might not get washed out with just water.

Repair Those Hairs

Muscles can’t grow without protein and hair can’t recover without proper conditioning from some of the best beard conditioner known to bearded mankind. Using beard conditioner two to three times per week (you can sync it up with your beard soap schedule) will ensure your beard is getting enough spa days to stay relaxed, healthy, and happy.

Prescription: Use Bossman’s Fortify Intense Beard Conditioner two to three times per week to help repair dried out beard hairs and split ends.


Without adequate hydration, our bodies simply cannot perform to the peak of their capabilities. Just like an athlete wouldn’t be caught dead without a water bottle at practice, your beard shouldn’t be caught without some of Bossman’s Jelly Beard Oil running through it.

This is the most often overlooked step in the beard care nightly routine. For some reason, bosses get locked into the mindset that beard oil should be used throughout the day but tend to forget that pre-sleep hydration is some of the most important hydration out there.

Prescription: Use a high-quality beard oil every night before bed and have a glass of water as well.

Optional: Balm It Up

Some bosses like to apply beard balm to lock in the hydration from the soap, conditioner, and jelly. Other bosses feel like there might be a bit too much going on in their beard while they’re sleeping if this step is added in. Bossman’s Relaxing Beard Balm is a good choice if you’re looking to really take your nighttime beard routine to the next level.

Prescription: Apply balm nightly or even swap balm in for jelly beard oil if you’re not into having the best beard oil in the world hydrating your beard all night long. Up to you, boss. No judgment here. For real. Okay, maybe a little judgment. Use the beard oil.

We’ve all seen beards around town that have been so mistreated that they would look better on the ground. Setting aside a good 10-15 minutes each night to make sure your beard is taken care of will set you apart from other bearded dudes… and even more from non-bearded dudes. We’re going to leave you with two final bonus tips. First, while we would never recommend shaving your beard off completely it’s also good to trim your beard from time to time to keep your hair healthy and set up for growth. Second, a great night time routine is nothing without its morning counterpart, so check out our recommendations for a great morning beard routine here. Print this out, hang it in your bathroom, and treat it like a bedtime story.