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There are tons of benefits that come with living a healthy and active lifestyle. From a refined physique to increased energy levels, it seems like a no brainer to put down the powdered donuts and pick up a barbell. If for some reason those two large factors don’t pique your interest, just wait until you hear what exercise can do for your beard. In this article, we dive into just a couple of the benefits that come with regular physical activity and how they can impact your beard growing capabilities.

Increased Circulation

An increase in circulation throughout the body - including the face - helps the body absorb and circulate nutrients and oxygen. You may have also heard of the benefits that come with massaging your face and even brushing as well. Combining a strong exercise regiment with regular brushing and overall beard care routine will set you up to grow a jaw-dropping beard.

Increased Testosterone

A strong workout routine that involves resistance training and weight training has been known to increase testosterone. Why does increased testosterone matter when it comes to beard growth? An increase in testosterone directly relates to your capabilities to grow a thicker, fuller beard. An even deadlier combo comes when strength training is paired with a well-balanced and beard growth-friendly diet. Read more about how your diet can impact beard growth here.

Exercise Examples

For some of us, our jobs help keep us active and moving throughout the day. We’re working on job sites, training people, and a whole slew of other jobs that require constant movement. For other bosses, it might take a bit of an extra push to get to the gym or get outside and moving. Here, we list out a few easy ways to start getting regimented, active, and physical.

Morning Burpees
Knocking out a quick 10-15 burpees in the morning is a great way to get the blood flowing, help yourself wake up quicker, and get you in an active mindset as you start the day. This won’t involve you setting that alarm back any earlier, but it will require a bit of grit. Good news, if you’re not a burpee kind of boss, you can easily swap in pushups. Same idea. Same impact. Different movement.

Sandbag Workouts
A sandbag is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can own. The “dead weight” feeling you get when working with a sandbag will remind you of the muscles you didn’t know existed all while taking up little to no space in your home. Grab yourself a sandbag, some sand from Home Depot, and start carrying that thing around.

Boxing is a great way to combine a workout with some stress relief. While this one requires you to grab some extra equipment or find a gym that has the equipment you need, it can make you forget you’re even working out. There’s a plethora of content on the internet, combinations, and workouts you can look up to get you going as well.

We’ve gone through a few easy ways to get yourself regimented and active, the benefits of working out, and how working out regularly can impact your beard growth capabilities. With the right information in front of you, you’re set up to get yourself on the path to fit, bearded glory. Remember though, bosses, anybody can read the article, but it takes a real boss to stay disciplined and start cranking out those morning burpees or pushups.

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