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While the summer of 2020 might be a bit different than summers of the past, we’re still bearded and we’re still going to be outside a good bit. With summer comes hotter temperatures - at least for the vast majority of us - and when a beard and hotter temperatures get added together things can get interesting. The rate at which we see bearded men hack off their beards and start over is at it’s highest during the summer months. The good news for those of you that have lasted this long is that the heat trapped in by beards during the summer is manageable with the right tips and a little bit of grit as well. Below, we’ll go through some tips to keep your beard cooler during the hotter months as well as some rapid-fire reasons why you should keep your beard through the summer and into the winter months.

Give Your Beard A Trim

We wouldn’t ever recommend shaving your beard off completely, but a trim every now and again can do wonders for the health of your beard. In addition to beard health, during the summer months, a quick trim could save you from reaching a beard breaking point and going off the rails with a trimmer. Clean it up a bit, keep it looking sharp, and the summer months will feel like a breeze.

Keep A Cool Rag On You

A cool rag (or a rag that can be supplemented with some ice water) is a great way to keep your face and beard cool in the summer. Grab your rag, dump some ice water on it, and apply it to your face and beard for some much needed and well-deserved refreshment during a hot summer day.

Ice Water Is Your Friend

Similar to having a cool rag on you at all times, having some ice water nearby will not only help keep you hydrated but it will give you the option to toss some on your face and beard to cool off at a moment's notice. You can have some in an insulated bottle, some bottles of water in a yet, or even have a rag dunked in the ice water of your cooler to be taken out and tossed back in throughout the day.

Carry Around A Photo Of Yourself Without A Beard

This point might seem like a bit much, but it is absolutely the most powerful of the lot. Carrying around a photo of yourself beardless will give you that extra bit of motivation to push through the very few aspects of bearded life that bring the slightest amount of discomfort with it. The photo doesn’t need to be from third grade, but without a beard, you very well might look like you were in third grade even when you were in your early twenties.

Rapid Fire Motivation

As promised, below you’ll see a few rapid-fire reasons why pushing through the summer months and enjoying your beard even in the warmer months of the year is well worth it. Print these out, set them as your phone background, or just save the link for when you’re at a weak point in your summer bearded journey.

  • Fall Is Just Around The Corner
  • You Look Better With A Beard
  • Beards Take A While Time To Grow
  • Beards Are Badass

You’re officially equipped to tackle the bearded summer ahead at full speed. For added motivation, grab some of the best beard products on the market like our one-of-a-kind Jelly Beard Oil to help keep your beard hydrated.