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If you’re quarantining properly and helping slow the curve of the spread of a pandemic, you’re doing the right thing. While you’re cooped up in your apartment, condo, home, or doomsday bunker, it’s important to continue proper beard hygiene. When we’re all released from quarantine it’s going to be a wild, wild time to be alive and especially bearded. Some portion of society will regress into bad habits, laziness, and become complacent while locked away but the bosses of the world will not. Let’s go through a few ways you can maintain, and even elevate your beard game during lockdown.

1) Keep Your Beard Clean

Daily routines are harder these days, but your beard still requires attention from a soap dedicated to beard cleanliness. Bossman’s Beard, Hair, and Body Soap will keep your beard feeling fresh and clean without stripping it of the oils it needs to stay hydrated and healthy. No one wants to have an itchy, dry, and flaky beard… even when you’re locked up in the house.

We recommend washing your beard at least twice a week, but if you’re using this quarantine period to finish some updates on your car/bike or get into ridiculously good shape you can ramp that number up to three or even four. Remember though, just because you aren’t using soap to wash your beard you should still run water through it every day to get the dirt and grime out of there.

2) Trim Your Beard Periodically

Unless you’re going for the Knee Tickler style, trimming your beard will help fight split and dry ends from taking over the tips of your beard. Trimming the ends of your beard from time to time when you’re in quarantine will help maintain your beard’s health and allow you to come out of the lockdown looking fresher than ever. Along the same lines as trimming, now could be a great time to learn how to use a straight razor to clean up those cheeks, necklines, and more. There are few things more badass than cleaning up the edges of your beard with a tiny sword… and it just looks classy sitting there on your counter if you have an overnight visitor.

3) Keep Your Beard Hydrated

It’s extremely easy to forget to hydrate your beard while you’re cooped up indoors and away from the drying effects the sun can have on your hair. The trap is easy to fall into, but be warned… you need to keep your beard hydrated with some jelly beard oil, even while you’re binge-watching Netflix or Hulu. In case you glanced over the first tip in this beard survival guide, using the right soap and not a generic body wash/shampoo can and will do a great deal helping your beard retain its natural and necessary oils.

We recommend using jelly beard oil on your beard at the very least once per day. Depending on how active you are during your quarantine you can ramp that up to two or three times per day.

4) Resist The Urge To Shave Your Beard Off

There’s a weird and inexplicable trend during quarantine periods where people decide there is no better time than now to start a podcast, do ten pushups and tag five of their friends on Instagram, and shave off all of their hair. Sure, you might have a great idea for a podcast and have a bit of free time right now, go for it. Ten pushups won’t make you fit, but it’s a start so go for it. DO NOT. DO. NOT. SHAVE OFF YOUR BEARD. There’s nothing wrong with having the idea pop in your head from time to time, but resist the urge and stay strong.

Bonus Tip: If you have the urge to shave something and try something new, shave your head. Easy enough.

5) Stay Active

Falling into the trap of laziness and eating to the bottom of a bag of chips on the couch is incredibly easy during a quarantine. On top of getting grease and chip dust/flakes in your beard, a poor diet and lack of exercise can lead to decreased testosterone levels, poor health in general, and hurt your beard in the long run. Staying active doesn’t have to mean going on a 5-mile run or doing 500 burpees at a time. Just do some pushups, manual labor around the house or pick up a downed tree and carry it to a different place than where it was downed. Eat well, stay active, and your beard will thank you.

Being trapped inside isn’t an ideal situation, but it is a necessary one during a pandemic. While you might feel healthy you could be carrying the virus and unknowingly spread it to people who could get seriously sick. It’s no fun at all, but in times like this we need to lock ourselves away for a few weeks, or even months, to thwart the spread of the virus. So, use the tips above to keep your beards healthy for your re-emergence into the outside world. Stay healthy, don't shave your beard, and stay inside, Bosses.

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