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At one point in every bearded man’s life, he was beardless. Knowing the burden of not having a beard, the bearded wouldn’t wish this upon even our greatest enemies. Cold cheeks, a babyface, and lack of attention from women are just a few of the downfalls that come with not having a badass beard. Below we’ll break down just a few things that set apart bearded men from non-bearded men.

Bearded Men Look Older

Studies have shown that men look up to eight years older with a beard than they do without. With age comes wisdom, with a beard, comes eight years of perceived wisdom. Therefore, bearded men look eight years wiser than men without beards. Grow a beard.

Bearded Men’s Faces Are Shielded From The Elements

Whether it be harsh winds or extreme cold, a beard wrapped around the face of a man will protect the cheeks, chin, and more from negative effects on the skin. On the flip side, men without beards will get chapped lips, wind whipper faces, and turn bright red when the cold temperatures are too much for their baby soft skin. Grow a beard.

Beards Display Dominance

Beards come off as a sign of dominance. A bearded man can control a room without even opening his mouth just by rocking a powerful well-grown beard. Want to garner the attention of the entire bar when you walk in? Grow a beard.

Men Without Beards Are Boys

If you don’t believe this one, shave your face, look at yourself, and then tell us you don’t look like a 15-year-old boy. If you still don’t think you do, you’re in denial. Grow a beard & do it with the help of a few of our favorite Bossman beard products you can see below.

Beards are a part of who you are. Changing your style could turn heads, make people not recognize you, or change the way people think about you… for good or for bad. With all of this being said, having a bad beard, a weird beard, or just a mustache is far better than having no beard at all. Grow. A. Beard.