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For those blessed with the ability to not only grow facial hair but get to choose their style, there are plenty to choose from. From beards that scrape the ground as you walk to pencil-thin mustaches that you need a microscope to see, every boss has their own way of flaunting their face art. While there isn’t one style that is better than others, some styles definitely say something about who you are to the passing stranger who might not actually know what you’re all about. Let’s take an exaggerated look at what your beard style might say about you.

The Mustache

Chin hair? Don’t need it. Sideburns? No thanks. Neckbeard? Definitely not.

The mustache only style for facial hair is an aggressive, confident move that can shake relationships to their core. You’re either trying to make a statement, elevate your personal brand, celebrate the history of the mustache with a Fu Manchu, or throw on some skinny jeans and head to the local overpriced coffee shop to unnecessarily talk about politics with strangers.

Whatever your reason, whatever stache style you decide to rock, you can rock it with confidence with Bossman’s MUDstahce Wax. It’s a lightweight and water-based formula but has a strong hold to help lock in your style all day long.

The Stubble

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere and for some bosses, the 5 o’clock shadow seems to be an all day and all night ordeal. Not quite going for the full clean shave in the morning, but the one or two guards on the trimmer do the trick to keep your face looking like a freshly asphalted road. You’re likely putting on a suit in the morning and heading up an elevator in a giant glass building downtown then walking through a pair of glass doors to toss out your obligatory “Morning, Emily.” and “How’re Ya, Jim?” before settling into your office chair with sub-par lumbar support. More power to ya though boss, we heard the coffee watered down coffee is free up there. See ya at 5 o’clock for happy hour.

The Knee Tickler

You’ve shown that you can go the distance, you want to be a walking billboard for commitment and if you’re rocking a knee tickler… then you are one. Very few bosses have what it takes both from a genetic and mental standpoint to have a knee tickling beard but when you see one it’s hard not to stop, stare, and respect that 2-3 foot long beard.

If you do make the decision to go the distance and grow out one of these aggressively long beards, chances are you’re making up for a lack of hair on top of the head or just enjoy the feeling of it blowing in the wind while you’re ripping down the highway on two wheels and a bunch of hot metal at 80mph. Throw on that leather jacket, hit the highway, and turn some heads, boss. Might want to snag some Bossman Jelly Beard Oil as well to keep all that chin art in shape.

The Goatee

There’s always that one uncle who wouldn’t be complete without his patented goatee. Family gatherings just wouldn’t be the same, he always brings the kids something cool that their parents wouldn’t let them have just for the bonus points and he’s definitely pulling up in a 69’ mustang.

The Full Beard

If given the genetics to grow a full beard, in our biased opinion, it’s the way to go. You’re going one step further than stubble and dialing it back a few notches from the knee tickler, but finding taking all of the perks from both with you.

The fully bearded boss could do anything but has likely chosen one specific craft to take the distance. It could be working on bikes, it could be graphic design, and it could even be managing the stubble guy in his giant glass tower downtown.

As we mentioned in the introduction to this beard breakdown, there’s no one style to rule them all. The full beard is the perfect hybrid, while each of the others listed and not listed in this article have their own perks as well. The best way to find out what style works best for you is to grab some Bossman Brands products, get that beard performing to it’s highest potential and then start testing some out. Time to go meet Stubble guy at happy hour so he can complain about his fully bearded boss over a pint or seven.

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